Women Who Didn't Like "The Expendables" are Sexist

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“How dare you!?” you may be thinking after clicking on this obvious clickbait of a headline.

I just want you to know that this wasn’t necessarily my conclusion. To be honest with you, if you’re a woman I wouldn’t expect you to be interested in watching a bunch of older action heroes shoot at everything within a 100-yard radius with big guns and create even bigger explosions.

Mindless action movies have never been a big seller to the ladies and that’s never been a bad thing. They don’t appeal to the fairer sex in the same way they do the more bestial one. Stories about love, relationships, and mysteries have always been more the speed of females as a general rule. There are many exceptions, but the fact of the matter is when asked who writes their favorite stories, very few men are going to say “Nicholas Sparks.”

This is largely a well-known thing that no one has ever been upset over, but now that we’re in the age of the social justice warrior and the third wave feminist, the fact that the sexes prefer differing things is an unforgivable flaw. Any embrace or distancing of oneself from feminine things is sinful if you’re a man.

Take, for instance, this New York Times piece from Kristy Eldredge titled “Men Are Dismissing ‘Little Women.’ What a Surprise.”

Did you know that a “Little Women” remake was being released?

Neither did I.

This movie was released about the same time that the new Star Wars movie was, and as you can imagine, all eyes, ears, and wallets were opening for it. Every piece of media attention that could be dedicated to the release of “Rise of Skywalker” was given to it. There are several pieces on RedState alone (most of them by me) dedicated to talking about the film and anything to do with it.

Even Disney was making sure you saw more lightsabers than Christmas trees this holiday season as Disney+ kept audiences enraptured with “The Mandalorian,” and gamers even had their attention driven to Respawn Entertainment’s “Jedi: Fallen Order.”

Everything was Star Wars, so of course, nothing was Little Women.

But let’s say there was no Star Wars to be had and this movie was being released among a slew of other films you will likely forget you even saw within a couple of years. Would the film have gotten a bit more attention from audiences?

Maybe, but I doubt it. It definitely wouldn’t have gotten attention from men. Hell, even women are shrugging it off.

But I digress.

Men aren’t interested in watching a film that amounts to exactly what Ashe Schow said it was in her above tweet.

The message that women are more than wives isn’t a message for men. We’re not interested. It’s not sexism, it’s just not something that calls to our sex. It scratches no instinctual itch, nor does it apply to anything within our everyday lives.

It’s a story of women doing something other than what society traditionally sees them as that was meant to encourage women to go out and do something more. If a woman sees that as a great thing to see and be inspired by, then fair enough. I’ll leave you to it, but what am I as a man going to get out of it?

The feminist will say it may inspire me to see women as something more than just a wife or what have you, but it’s not a lesson most men need to have taught to them. We’re completely aware that women can have careers and be completely successful. We know they can take charge types who lead teams of people. We’ve seen it in real life and have been inundated with it time and again in our media.

I don’t know many men who have a problem with it, so what’s the point of seeing this “girl power” movie in the midst of all this empowerment going on in our society? At this point, it just feels preachy and dare I say…naggy.

I’m not going to movies to have fingers wagged at me about social subjects that I don’t care about. I’m going to movies to be entertained. I’d rather watch a cowboy in outer space blow stuff up with a spaceship as a space wizard waves a laser sword around next to what I imagine a pomeranian would look like if it got soaked with the mutagenic ooze from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now THAT’S fun.

But while I’ve given enough of a thought piece to chew on, I’ll finish with this little morsel. This tiny, wafer-thin mint.

Maybe no one came to see your movie because it sucks.



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