Making Megan Rapinoe Sportsperson of the Year Was a Hard Lesson the Media Needed to Learn

Megan Rapinoe

The U.S. women’s soccer team member Megan Rapinoe holds the championship trophy at City Hall after a ticker tape parade, Wednesday, July 10, 2019 in New York. The U.S. national team beat the Netherlands 2-0 to capture a record fourth Women’s World Cup title. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

One day, a scorpion looking to cross a river came across a frog. The scorpion asked the frog if it could ride on its back to the safety of the opposite bank of the river. The frog was reluctant and expressed fears that the scorpion would sting the frog if he allowed that. The scorpion allayed his fears and promised he would not. Relenting, the frog allowed the scorpion to crawl onto its back and the duo commenced their journey across the wide river. Midway through, however, the scorpion stung the frog, dooming them both. Before they both died, the frog asked why the scorpion did something so foolish and evil.

“I couldn’t help it,” said the scorpion. “It’s in my nature.”

Sports Illustrated probably thought it was going to score massive woke points by selecting U.S.A. soccer champion Megan Rapinoe as its “sportsperson of the year.” Rapinoe is a neon haired social justice warrior lesbian that the hard left has come to regard as the modern model American citizen. She’s as angry at the country who raised her up as she is successful thanks to it. She leans left, hates the patriarchy, and is only too willing to use her platform as a space to browbeat and chide everyone else from dizzying altitudes on the back of her moral high horse.

As my colleague Bonchie wrote on Tuesday, things didn’t go as planned for Sports Illustrated. As Rapinoe took the stage to accept her award, she stung the frog on whose back she was riding, and began deriding and insulting the publication that was currently holding her up:

As one of just four women to win the Sportsperson of the Year award, she wasted no time in putting SI in the hot seat, saying in an acceptance speech, “Is it truth that I’m only the fourth woman deserving of this award? I don’t think so.”

“Is it true so few writers of color deserve to be featured in this publication? No. Is it true so few women’s voices deserve to be heard and deserve to be read in this publication? I don’t think so.”

In one fell swoop, the desired woke points of Sports Illustrated were stripped and they possibly even went a little negative.

But what did Sports Illustrated expect? They knew Rapinoe was a scorpion when they invited her onto their back.

The thing bout social justice activists and celebrities is that they’re not wired to be pleased or satiated. If they did achieve what they espouse to desire, and they had no more reason to complain, then it would be the worst day of their lives. They would find more reasons to be angry because the truth is that social justice warriors are just angry people. Their entire ideological makeup revolves around being a victim of something, and taking that away leaves them without a driving force and defining characteristic.

Even for Rapinoe, who has repeatedly defined her presence, not as a world-class athlete, but as a social justice crusader who constantly suffers from societal traditions and prejudices. Even when she celebrates her victories, she’s framing herself as defiant against someone or something.

But before you think she’s just doing it to fight for others, rest assured, she, like every social justice warrior, isn’t concerned with the wellbeing of those they claim to fight for. The self-gratification of the social justice warrior comes first. The self-importance must come before the mission.

Case in point, Rapinoe herself displayed this during her infamous “I deserve this” mantra as she held the World Cup trophy while being paraded in front of a roaring crowd.

It was a classless moment from a classless woman. She put cockiness, ungratefulness, and self first in the face of a wonderful moment while her team and adoring fans stood by. Did she deserve the trophy? Sure. Does she deserve her attitude about it? Hell no.

But this is a pattern with SJWs. Anita Sarkeesian is supposedly a great defender of women in the gaming industry, yet she refuses to acknowledge any woman who comes to debate her, even to the point where she was willing to label them as “sock puppets” during GamerGate.

Linda Sarsour, famed former leader of “The Women’s March” was often abusive toward women who disagreed with her, and fostered an environment of sexual abuse for women during her Arab American Association days.

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One of the most vocal proponents of the #MeToo movement, Asia Argento, soon found herself embroiled in sexual assault allegations herself as it was revealed that she paid off an underage actor hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay silent.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley of “The Squad,” who is a vocal proponent of social justice, specifically when it comes to race and women, dismissed any black person who doesn’t agree with her outright by stating “we don’t need any more black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.”

Even groups of social justice activists have little sense in their methods of problem-solving. LGBT activists, for instance, made the Climate March about themselves as they danced provocatively while sprinkling glitter and confetti on each other. How does that help the environment, or get any kind of point across about climate change? It doesn’t. What they were there for wasn’t climate change, it was themselves.

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Rapinoe is no different. Rest assured, she was bashing Sports Illustrated for not having more people like her featured in the magazine for “Sportsperson of the Year” but Rapinoe wasn’t doing that for them, she was doing it for her. She wasn’t grateful for the award. Remember, as far she’s concerned, she deserves this. She’s entitled to it.

Giving ungrateful social justice warriors like Rapinoe recognition isn’t going to make you any friends, especially not among the woke crowd. If you hand them a soapbox to stand on, they’ll complain that you didn’t hand it to them sooner and that you haven’t distributed enough of them for people who think like them. What’s more, they’ll tell everyone how bad you are about distributing soapboxes in order to pressure you into obedience.

I hope every business and publication was paying close attention to Rapinoe’s treatment of Sports Illustrated, because if you haven’t already gotten hit by the social justice crusade, then don’t get comfy. Your time is coming soon. The question is, will you invite the scorpions to ride on your back, or will you wisely hop away?


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