Democrats Are So Blinded by Hatred for Trump That They Forgot How Innocence Works

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Democrats have relied so heavily on the court of public opinion that they forgot how the concept of innocence works in our American justice system.

During today’s circus of an impeachment hearing, Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California made a fascinating comment about President Donald Trump’s complete lack of self-defense during these impeachment hearings.


“If he had evidence of his innocence why wouldn’t he bring it forward?” asked Lofgren.

Just to refresh the Democrats on how this works in America, you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty. Any accusations that are made toward somebody in a court of law must be proved by the accuser. Innocence is not something the accused has to prove at all, he or she is already innocent from the word “go.”

But Democrats aren’t operating by that standard.

If you look at the way the left has operated, a mere accusation is enough to make you guilty of something. Even denying it makes you even more guilty. Take, for instance, the accusations leveled at Brett Kavanaugh.

At this point, you have to do some real mental gymnastics in order to convince yourself that Kavanaugh is 100 percent guilty of all the sexual misconduct he was alleged to have done, including the idea that he was running some underground sex traffic ring when he was a teenager that was a secret so well kept that no one ever found out about it.

Still, you have millions of people convinced that he had raped a woman who had zero evidence and no witnesses who were willing to back her up, including the witnesses who she said would.


I hate to say it, but simply accusing someone of something works.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that Democrats are accusing Trump of wrongdoing in Ukraine. The mere accusation makes him guilty in the eyes of the people who want him to be guilty.

Trump has already denied any wrongdoing, which of course makes him guilty in the eyes of his accusers, but I can at least understand someone not believing a denial. What I can’t understand is how the people who are supposed to be lawmakers don’t understand that it’s not Trump’s job to prove himself innocent. It’s Democrats’ job to do so.

And so far, they haven’t. Every single witness and piece of testimony they’ve wheeled out have all ended the same way. No proof, and all feelings.

Since our justice system has firmly established that facts are not feelings, no matter how much you wish they were, Trump is innocent and will remain innocent until Democrats can come up with proof that he’s otherwise. This isn’t the court of public opinion, no matter how much they wish it was.


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