SCOTUS May Soon Blow the Gun Control House Down and Democrats Are Already Screaming

Gun Control Advocates have a good reason to panic as today, they may very well watch as the Supreme Court knocks down superfluous anti-gun laws put in place by Democrat governments around the nation.


As first reported by Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire, SCOTUS will convene today to hear the first Second Amendment case in nearly a decade. The case revolves around a New York City law which requires citizens to have a “premises” license for their handgun, which is a permit allowing them to take their handgun outside of their home to a city shooting range, provided it was unloaded and in a locked container but prohibits the gun from being taken beyond the city limits.

Democrats, sensing they were in trouble if the Supreme Court ruled on this unconstitutional law, attempted to change the law in order to stop SCOTUS from ruling on it and creating a precedent that would then demolish a slew of other gun-control laws, which was something the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board even called out in an editorial on Sunday:

Democrats have gone to great lengths to get the Justices to drop the case. After the High Court accepted it in January, the New York Police Department revised its ban to allow gun owners to take their handguns (locked up and unloaded with the ammunition stored separately) “directly to and from” second homes and shooting ranges outside the city.

But as amicus briefs note, the Court has criticized this kind of strategic “voluntary cessation” of challenged conduct by defendants to preserve favorable judicial outcomes or avoid adverse rulings. Courts are only supposed to review “live controversies,” but the Justices are loath to rule a case moot unless it is “absolutely clear” a defendant won’t resume the challenged conduct.

New York’s behavior offers no such confidence. Crafty city officials coaxed fellow Democrats in the New York State Legislature to pass a law pre-empting their abandoned transport ban.


In other words, gun control advocates overshot their authority and in an effort to keep their current level of power, they were willing to sacrifice one law to protect many others, which may prove unconstitutional in the wake of this one being shot down. The Supreme Court, however, wasn’t having it, and the case will proceed forward today.

Now, Democrats are worried, and for good reason. According to Saavedra, they’ve already begun banging their typical anti-gun drums by pointing fingers and crying wolf:

Leftist Giffords Law Center litigation director Hannah Shearer said, “The future of life-saving gun safety laws across our country is very directly on the line with this case.”

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, an extreme anti-gun activist who has pumped tens of millions of dollars to anti-gun activists and politicians, tweeted: “The NRA’s latest effort to undermine public safety may be its most absurd yet – and its most dangerous. The Supreme Court must side with the millions of Americans fighting for gun safety and send the NRA packing.”

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) – the same U.S. Senator who questioned then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh about farting in high school – said about the Supreme Court’s decision to take up the case: “The Supreme Court is not well. And the people know it. Perhaps particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it to heal.”


In truth, it’s been too long since the Supreme Court analyzed the gun laws currently on the books in various parts of the country, and if we’re going to secure gun rights for the nation, the time has never been better. Should the SCOTUS rule against New York’s gun law and open the flood gates for more laws to be shot down, then all the better.

I do, however, fully expect there to be a fresh attack on the Supreme Court by Democrats, be they attacks on individuals within the court, or an attempt at expanding the number of judges on the court for Democrats to try to push it back into their favor.


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