The 2020 Democrats' Talk of Addressing Violence Is Hollow When They're Silent on the Violence of Their Side

Democrats often turn their noses to the air and begin harping on about the dangers and violence of white supremacy that has infected the United States. Indeed, white supremacy is bad and should be denounced at every turn. Racism is the most shallow of all hatreds and in a civilized society, there’s no room for it.

Yet, while Democrats take on airs of moral superiority while talking about the great threat of white Trump supporters — as we’ve seen from people like Don Lemon and Ilhan Omar, that’s exactly what they mean they speak about white supremacy — Democrats seem to completely ignore a very massive elephant in the room.

As I write this article I’m trying to remember everything I’ve written that features violence from the left toward members of the right, or even just violence toward normal, everyday people. I can’t remember them all, because violence and intimidation are so common in leftists circles that it’s become an everyday trait.

Yet, for some reason, Democrats don’t want to address it. When it is brought up to them, they don’t directly denounce it as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t after Antifa firebombed an ICE facility, or they run defense for them.

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At last night’s debate, the candidates were asked to address the problem of white supremacy and went on about how horrible it was and how something needs to be done about it. Fair enough, but it’s far from the biggest problem we have right now as it’s not half as common as the violence and intimidation seen by Antifa and university leftists.

Let me give you a taste.

Here was last night at Berkeley, the home of the “free speech” movement, where over a thousand students gathered to protest Ann Coulter speaking at their university. Protesters attempted to block people from attending her lecture, including a single girl whom the protesters screamed at and attempted to intimidate as she tried to get around them.

When the event was over, attendees had to leave behind a wall of officers for safety.

Here are University students tearing down a Young Americans Foundation table and intimidating members.

Here’s a student at the Charlottesville vigil being attacked by a masked leftist lunatic for wearing a YAF hat.

You, of course, remember the violent attack on journalist Andy Ngo.

Let’s not forgot that after an Antifa member firebombed an ICE facility, it inspired Antifa members to do the same and they released a flier featuring themselves killing border agents while they escorted illegal immigrants across the border.

Here is Portland Antifa beating an old man in mass. One of them even has a crowbar, which is a deadly weapon.

Here is Antifa forcing traffic goers in Portland to take a different route despite not having the authority to do so, and making threats if they don’t obey. One old man even defies them and Antifa begins to mob him and his car.

Here’s a leftist mob attacking Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens of TPUSA.

Here’s a university leftist attacking a TPUSA rep on campus at Berkeley.

This isn’t even remotely half of the number of attacks and intimidation carried out by leftists, but I think you get the point. I’m going to stop searching for and posting them now because watching these videos makes me pretty angry.

I don’t think I’m the only one either. This is hatred and violence against innocent people by a left that has become so radical that it has devolved into pure fascism.

Yet, Democrats are silent. They don’t want to address it. They don’t talk about it during the debates though it’s clearly happening for all to see.

Democrats like to say that “silence is violence,” and here they are completely silent on one of the largest injustices being perpetrated on college campuses and street corners. You can try to argue that this isn’t their fault, but it absolutely is. These protesters are political activists who are acting for the benefit of the left and leftist politicians — politicians that refuse to denounce them.

This is going to continue to increase as a problem until it becomes too big to overlook and ignore. Eventually, these leftists will push things so far that people will begin to resort to violence themselves. Street battles will erupt and people will get hurt or possibly die.

The thing is, if it does come to that, those who oppose the leftists can’t be blamed. The authorities in charge don’t seem to be protecting the people, and it will fall to everyday citizens to stand up and stop them.

In fact, you can see what happens when citizens get tired of the domestic terrorism of Antifa and stand up to them. Peace and function are restored as you can see when Trump supporters and pro-American citizens intervened in an Antifa gathering. Antifa was attempting to stop traffic and intimidate motorists, but the citizens weren’t having it. They pushed Antifa back and made way for cars to pass through.

Notice that when Americans showed up with the intention to defy Antifa, Antifa became way less violent. It’s still sad that regular Americans had to show up to do the job police are supposed to do, but we currently live in a world where Democrat politicians will not stand up against this kind of violence.

Let me be clear. I’m not advocating violence myself. The people who stood up to Antifa in the video above weren’t resorting to violence either, but they were clearly ready for it and Antifa knew it. As a result, Antifa’s teeth became a bit less sharp by their own choice.

White supremacy is a problem and it needs to die the death it was meant to a long time ago, but fascism is still alive and well on the left and that needs to die too. It starts with it not finding a very warm and cozy home within the Democratic party. If Democrats have any semblance of propriety, they’ll denounce Antifa and the leftist violence on campus. If they can’t, then all their talk of fixing the moral problems of society are nothing but nonsense.


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