Where Are the Feminists?

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A while back, I created a video called “Where are the Feminists?” that focused on how the valiant fighters of women’s rights were suddenly absent in the face of Islamic rapes and sexual assaults in Germany during New Years celebrations back in 2016.

Three years later, they’re still absent, and I’ve noted that it doesn’t just stop at pretending the treatment of women under protected groups isn’t horrible.

Feminists seem to be absent wherever women are suffering the most.

Case in point, transgender activists and their allies are busy allowing boys and men identifying as female to gain access to women’s locker rooms. This is particularly awful when you look at the fact that a lot of the locker rooms they’re granting these boys access to are in public schools.

Just earlier today I wrote on a story about a school district in Illinois that ruled that a boy could access a girl’s locker room if that’s the sex he identifies as. Essentially, all a boy would have to do is say he feels like he’s female that day, and there iwould be nothing teachers, parents, or fellow students could do to stop him from walking in there.

One girl who was present when the 5 to 2 vote was cast fought back tears and explained that she changes in that locker room and wished this vote hadn’t happened, while a boy named “Nova Maday,” complete with long pink hair, said he was ecstatic about the new development.

He’s ecstatic that he, a boy, who is not a girl, gets to go into the private spaces of actual girls where they are exposing themselves. I want to remind everyone that while “Nova” may identify as a girl, this doesn’t mean he necessarily considers himself attracted to males. Being trans and being gay aren’t necessarily one and the same.

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And let’s not pretend that every person claiming to be transgender is on the up and up. As I’ve written before, perverts and sexual assaulters have used the excuse of being transgender to carry out crimes from spying on women to actually assaulting them.

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Again, these aren’t just bathrooms at a private establishment, these are public school locker rooms and bathrooms. Schools where your children spend hours on hours every day.

Where are the feminists?

Right now, the women claiming to be feminists have bigger priorities, like blaming men for the failure of feminist cinema.

Elizabeth Banks has been throwing hissy fits since before her movie even came out about how it’s men’s fault that her woke “Charlie’s Angels” reboot flopped.

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“Look, people have to buy tickets to this movie, too. This movie has to make money.” she said according to Bounding Into Comics. “If this movie doesn’t make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies.”

Wrong. Alien, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Hunger Games, Wonder Woman, Terminator, Kill Bill, and more. People love Princess Leia and Alita of the Alita: Battle Angel movie.

Men don’t care if a protagonist in an action movie is female. We care if the character is good, and fits into a good movie.

But I digress. That feminists are going to blame men for their own failures isn’t anything new or surprising. In fact, I sometimes get a kick out of watching them flounder and scream about it. What does need to be brought to attention, however, is the fact that Banks and the rest of the mainstream feminist movement haven’t so much as offered up a grunt of protest against the privacy and safety of actual girls being squashed.

I haven’t heard one peep out of the mainstream feminist movement about all the girls that are currently being stomped on in sports because some dudes began injecting themselves with hormones and changed their name from “Chad” to “Monica.” In fact, the only mainstream source I see putting up any resistance is South Park.

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If a boy or a man wants to identify as the opposite sex, then that’s their right to do so. It’s a free country. The problem comes when they start forcing everyone else to pretend along with them. This blatantly anti-scientific push to make everyone obey the feelings of troubled people has no moral merit to it, and the proof will be when sexual assaults in bathrooms begin to become more frequent.

Also, I’m calling it now, you won’t see the mainstream press speak a word about it, and only conservative sources like RedState and various local news stations will be covering these stories.

Where are the feminists?

I think I finally have the answer to that question.

There aren’t any. There are self-aggrandizing whiners using their voice within the mob to attempt to intimidate, shame, silence people who disagree or inconvenience them in some way. There are professional victims whose only desire is to make people bend to their moral philosophies because they truly believe they’re better than you.

Those aren’t my words, those are theirs. Here’s Ana Kasparian saying that very thing.

These people are out here for themselves, not women. Women are suffering and their idea to make things better is to get mad because their all-female reboot of whatever flopped. Men are walking into the girl’s restrooms and they’re fighting for “women’s rights” by getting half-naked in the street and telling everyone that abortion is healthcare.

There are no feminists. Just selfish idiots.


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