The Clinton Foundation Is Bleeding Out

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton walks off the stage after speaking in New York, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016. Clinton conceded the presidency to Donald Trump in a phone call early Wednesday morning, a stunning end to a campaign that appeared poised right up until Election Day to make her the first woman elected U.S. president.(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


It would appear that, despite the buzz throughout the media of a return to the debate stage by Hillary Clinton, America is just done with the Clinton dynasty as the Clinton Foundation, once a powerful symbol of a Democrat empire, is now facing another year of fund hemorrhaging.

According to the Daily Caller, the foundation’s tax filings show significant losses, posting lows that it hasn’t seen in years:

The Clinton Foundation reported $30.7 million in revenues in its recently-released 2018 Form 990 tax return, the lowest figure posted by the charity since 2002 when it raised $25.6 million.

The foundation’s 2018 revenue was just 12% of the $249 million it raised in 2009, the first year of Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state under former President Barack Obama.

The Clinton Foundation also posted its third straight year of losses of $16 million or more in 2018, bringing its total losses since 2016 to $49.6 million.

What’s more, the speaking fees by the Clintons have decreased significantly as well, posting $370,000 in speaking fees in 2018, which is just over 10% of the $3.6 million it received in 2014.

This decrease in speaking fees has been ongoing for some time. In December of last year, the Clintons began charging only $6 for their events, and they weren’t really selling seats. One story by Maurine Dowd told of how the Clintons had booked a stadium that was so sparsely attended that event organizers were reassigning seats and cordoning off sections of the stadium with curtains to make the attendance seem greater.


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More interesting is what this means for Clinton’s threat of a 2020 rematch against Trump. Clinton has hinted several times that she may reenter the race, and even some of those close to the Clintons believe she has every intention to run again.

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However, it would appear that the enthusiasm for the Clintons has fizzled, even as Clinton teases a 2020 comeback. If there were interest, then we would likely see a donation boom, but we don’t.

It’s likely that people are just over the Clintons, and Clinton should probably find a different method to raise cash for herself and her foundation.


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