You're Buying a Political Smear Ad Against Trump

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

The more I watch these impeachment proceedings, the more I’m convinced that politics is no longer about running the country. It’s now become about how much we can slam or inconvenience the other side.

We elect members of Congress to go to Washington on our behalf to run the government in the most efficient way possible, yet I’ve sat and watched as millions on millions of taxpayer dollars have been dropped trying to run what has essentially amounted to a smear campaign against President Donald Trump. First, it was Russia, now it’s the Ukraine scandal. After Ukraine, it’ll be something else.

And we know it’s not about impeachment and more about an attempt to hit Trump right in the poll numbers for 2020 because Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez practically admitted it.

We know the Democrats have nothing. Their witnesses have nothing.

Not to mention these witnesses can’t even get their own stories straight.

In fact, their witnesses aren’t even witnesses.

Republicans aren’t even allowed to ask pertinent questions without being shut down by Adam Schiff, including questions of  Yovanovitch that were asked by the Obama administration pre-her confirmation.

We’re essentially watching as Democrats use our money with reckless abandon as a way to improve their chances in 2020, which at this point are all but gone. It’s hard to say what kind of credibility they’ll have after this Ukraine nonsense is all said and done with, and I’m not sure at this point how it will be said and done with.

What’s the Democrats’ exit strategy here? As Rush Limbaugh noted on Thursday, the impeachment question was answered and over when Trump released the transcript of his call with the Ukraine President. They had nothing after that and Pelosi even seemed hesitant to move forward until Schiff convinced her that he had impeachment in the bag.

Since then, we’ve gotten nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Think of all the hours of research, legal fees, and more that have been spent on what Democrats know is an election stunt. How much of our money has been flushed down the drain as it was spent to what amounts to a long, drawn-out campaign smear ad on Trump?

According to TIME, the Mueller investigation cost taxpayers somewhere between $32 and $35 million. While that went on for years, that amount shows you just how much the government spends on playing politics instead of running the government. Do you want to talk about waste? There it is.

Now we get to sit and watch as Schiff sits stone-faced in his chair as his own witnesses fail to support his narrative and his impeachment attempt crumbles around him. Still, remember, this was never about impeachment. This was about rallying Democrats to a cause to present a more unified 2020.

We know that because the Democrat’s unofficial leader told us that.

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Here’s what should probably happen at this point…

After wasting millions of dollars on trumped-up charges against Trump during the Mueller investigation and now the Ukraine scandal, I think it’s fair to require that in order for Democrats to use federal funds to conduct these little dog and pony shows, they must first bring actual evidence of wrongdoing against Trump. Real, solid evidence that Trump did indeed do something illegal and worthy of kicking him out of office for.

If they can’t, then any investigations must be carried out from their own pocket.

What’s more, they can do that on their own free time instead of wasting day after day on something that will go nowhere and likely accomplish nothing in their favor.

Or — and this is just a slight suggestion — they could start looking into the Biden coverup, which has quite a bit of smoke coming from a fire that is currently raging in the open for everyone to see.

There is a laundry list a mile long of the many unethical things that are going on right now that aren’t being addressed. A real swamp draining is needed but we have Democrats keeping the plug firmly fixed to the drain pipe.


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