South Park Does It Again, This Time It Puts Transgender Athletes in the Spotlight


We often call out for filmmakers and artists to ditch political correctness and take chances by creating something that shines a light where light isn’t supposed to be shined.


While it happens from time to time, South Park is the only show that does this consistently, and this season they haven’t held back at all. Wednesday’s episode, within the 23rd season, was no exception, as creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided that they would tackle the issue of transgender athletes.

The episode focuses on the character “PC Principal” and his baby momma “Vice-Principal Strong Woman” as the latter attempts to hold onto her “strong woman” title in athletic competition. However, it’s announced that a trans athlete will be competing among them, and while the hard-leftist characters in the show are enthusiastic about it, that enthusiasm quickly turns to fear when the trans athlete shows up.

As it turns out, the man identifying as a woman looks and sounds a lot like Macho Man Randy Savage.

The episode starts out differently than others, with the introduction of a PC Babies theme song reminiscent of the Muppet Babies back in the 80s and 90s. Right off the bat, South Park makes it clear that they aren’t going to be kind to SJWs in the PC Babies theme song.

The episode starts off with a hit on Disney+ and its movies with “outdated” concepts as the PC Babies are crying and need to be comforted after seeing Mulan and its lack of tackling transgender concepts.


I don’t think I need to point out the parallels to real-life here.

As the show continues, VP Strong Woman announces to the student body of South Park Elementary that she’ll be competing in the strong woman competition. Strong Woman is later giving an interview about the competition when she finally gets to meet her aforementioned transgender athlete opponent.

Needless to say, the trans athlete wins the competition in every event and takes the trophy.

I won’t spoil the rest of the episode, but as the episode goes on, commentary is made about political correctness and even Drag Queen story hours. In the end, PC Principal and the South Park universe are forced to confront stark realities.

If you’d like to see the episode, you can watch it for free by following the link here.



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