The Left's Sexual Assault on Children

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I don’t have children, and part of me is grateful for that at this time. While I definitely want to have a couple of little ones with my soon-to-be wife in the near future, I’m hoping the social evolution of society gets rid of one of its most damaging components, and that’s the idea that children are simply programmable tools who will become strong proponents of their political agenda.

Hitler once said, “let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.”

Vladimir Lenin made a similar observation when he said: “give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

The point being made is clear. Introduce your concepts in a positive light early, and it will become the foundation of a person’s thinking. They will see a thing, no matter how evil or bizarre, as completely normal. Irrational hatred and fawning worship can be programmed into a person if the concepts are lovingly taught at tender ages.

American academia is filthy with this kind of thinking. From elementary school to college, children are inundated with messaging and have been for years. I can remember in second grade when my Austin teacher told us that the Republicans in Georgetown, Texas, were do-nothing people who never took action, and later on, my science professor in college announced that she was halting her lesson on environmentalism for a moment in order to rant about people who didn’t trust in global warming.

The point is clear. Politics has been a big part of American schooling for a very long time. Learning the basic things we need to in order to function as a productive adult has been lessened in importance so that room can be made for various socio-political issues, and the worst part is that this isn’t just happening in college. This is happening to our young children.

For instance, the Daily Wire reported on Tuesday that a school distributed fliers to seven-year-old children that featured an advertisement for a clinic that gave out “free birth control and pre-pregnancy services” as well as free “implants, pills, condoms and more.”

The school claimed that they were “inadvertently” handing these out to children, but one father, Richard Penkoski, wasn’t buying it according to the Daily Wire:

Penkoski told the school board, “What is more, exactly? And why was this given to my seven-year- old? Since when is it the school’s job to give information to my child about birth control? When did the public schools decide they can teach my child issues regarding morality and sex?”

Penkoski described the flier, and noted that its crafting screamed “intentional”:

“[The school] received two pages and what the principal did was he took the two pages and put them back-to-back to make one copy. Part of it was to save paper but you can’t miss that. It is a whole page and right at the top there are big bold letters that say ‘birth control’ and ‘pre-pregnancy’ and all that stuff.”

Based on the information I’ve been given, I have to agree. Either these fliers were intentionally handed out to children in order to get them introduced to sexual concepts, or the staff of Mary Hughes School in Piney Flats is one of the most incompetent and irresponsible groups of education professionals in America. No matter how you slice it, they need to be held accountable.

It doesn’t stop at condoms and implants. I reported just last week that a new mandatory curriculum in Austin, Texas, will feature teaching students as young as eight years old about gender identity and sexual preferences.

(READ: Texas School Board Approves Sex-Ed For Children, Teaching Them Gender Identity, Sexuality, And Condom Use)

For those living in Illinois, they’re not lucky enough to have this limited to one school district, it’s a mandatory statewide curriculum that features teaching children as young as 3 and 5 about LGBT concepts and political things like “trans black lives matter.”

(READ: Illinois Schools Will Now Be Required To Indoctrinate Young Children With LGBT Principles And Beliefs)

The same is happening in Northern California where children will be taught transgenderism without the consent or even knowledge of the parents. In fact, if parents find out and wish to pull their child out of the class, they won’t be allowed to.

(READ: California School Approves Transgender Books For Kindergartners, Disallows Parents To Remove Children From Class)

This “education” isn’t just happening in the schools either. Your child will be introduced to sexual concepts in almost every piece of media they come across. Children’s shows feature gay weddings, and young teen shows introduce gay characters who are their age.

We’re told this is all in the name of acceptance, but limits need to be established by our society. Magazines like Teen Vogue promote a positive view of prostitution. That’s not “acceptance,” that’s a promotion of giving your body away for cash value.

Children are exposed to stripteases, vulgarity, and more when they attend “Drag Story Hours.” One drag queen even flashed his crotch to children. What part of their community are they trying to get us to accept here?

Between all of this and the sexualization of children like “Desmond Is Amazing,” it’s safe to say that we’ve left the idea of tolerance of differing viewpoints behind and have now begun something far more pedophilic.

For instance, what is the point in accepting something like this?

Tolerance can be advocated for when it comes to various things, and acceptance can be asked of someone else.

However, introducing children to sexual concepts isn’t a bridging of a gap or an effort for understanding. This is programming. This is forcing your sexual lifestyle on others.

This doesn’t have to be a conversation about morals either. The risks of exposing children to overt displays of sexualization are unhealthy. According to Dr. Carolyn Ross, a disorder specialist, exposing children to sex and sexuality early puts the kids at a very high risk of developing sex disorders later in life:

The earlier a child is exposed to sexual content and begins having sex, the likelier they are to engage in high-risk sex. Research shows that children who have sex by age 13 are more likely to have multiple sexual partners, engage in frequent intercourse, have unprotected sex and use drugs or alcohol before sex. In a study by researcher Dr. Jennings Bryant, more than 66 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls reported wanting to try some of the sexual behaviors they saw in the media (and by high school, many had done so), which increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Not every child who is exposed to sexual content will struggle with a mental health disorder, but research shows that early exposure to pornography is a risk factor for sex addictionsand other intimacy disorders. In one study of 932 sex addicts, 90 percent of men and 77 percent of women reported that pornography was a factor in their addiction. With the widespread availability of explicit material on the Internet, these problems are becoming more prevalent and are surfacing at younger ages.

Is this what we need to be accepting about? Putting our children at risk of developing massively unhealthy habits, some of which end up being deadly, such as transgenderism with its 41 percent suicide rate?

This isn’t about promoting equality and inclusion. It’s about the death of a moral society that developed these morals, not because of some ancient bigotry, but because these morals have taught us that living a certain way brings about a healthy and stable life.

While I am completely on board with allowing people the freedom to do what they like behind their own closed doors, my understanding and tolerance stops when you try to invite children behind those doors with you. We as a society, however, have become so afraid to speak up due to fear of mob retaliation and social rejection, but we shouldn’t be concerned with ourselves so much when our children are on the line.

When I do want to bring children into this world, I want to have won that war and established that my children aren’t going to be subjected to harmful concepts that do nothing but scratch a perverted itch.


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