Say Eric Ciaramella's Name

Over the past few weeks, I watched as citizens did the job the mainstream media professes it does and found out who the “whistleblower” is. Since then, the name Eric Ciaramella has been circulating throughout the western world thanks to it being reported by various news outlets outside of the mainstream media.

My colleague Besty Vaughan has been covering Ciaramella, his past, and his connections pretty thoroughly. As you might have guessed, Ciaramella is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat with a highly advanced case of TDS. He was a holdover from the Obama administration and worked under former CIA Director John Brennan, who was responsible for launching the Russian collusion narrative that obsessed the left for years.

Ciaramella had access to every classified conversation Trump had with foreign leaders, especially Ukraine, and was kicked out of the White House for essentially working against the Trump administration from within in order to benefit the Democrats.

And boy does he love him some Democrats. He’s bent over backward in order to please them, and his work shows it.

This is the guy the Democrats and mainstream media don’t want people talking about. Even the ladies of “The View” considered it a huge scandal that Donald Trump Jr. said Ciaramella’s name out loud and asked him repeatedly if he regrets doing it. He was right to reply that saying his name wasn’t a crime, but part of his First Amendment right. Besides, it’s not a secret anymore.

Moreover, it shouldn’t be a secret.

Ciaramella isn’t a whistleblower, he’s a Democratic operative. The Democrats and media calling him a “whistleblower” was just a weak attempt at giving Ciaramella something he’s severely lacking in…credibility. The longer we didn’t know his identity, the more they could build upon the narrative that there’s a patriot within the Trump administration who is only concerned with the safety and credibility of his country, and felt it was his sad duty to leak this information to the public so that they could know that nefarious things were happening in the highest office in the land.

The truth is, Ciaramella isn’t some wonderful wizard. He’s a huckster behind a very blue curtain.

Democrats and the media knew this. They knew all along that if Ciaramella’s identity were to get out the American people would immediately begin to doubt the credibility of their “whistleblower” and their glorious reason for impeachment would be exposed as the foundationless excuse to try to kick Trump out of office since they know they can’t win 2020.

It’s why the media and Democrats want you to shut up. It’s why Ciaramella’s lawyer, Andrew Bakaj, just sent a cease and desist letter to White House counsel Pat Cipollone when it comes to talking about him according to CNN:

“I am writing out of deep concern that your client, the President of the United States, is engaging in rhetoric and activity that places my client, the Intelligence Community Whistleblower, and their family in physical danger,” Bakaj wrote.

“I am writing to respectfully request that you counsel your client on the legal and ethical peril in which he is placing himself should anyone be physically harmed as a result of his, or his surrogates’, behavior,” he said in the letter.

As Lindsey Graham noted, this entire Ukraine scandal has been a sham from day one. The only defense Democrats had was Ciaramella’s anonymity. Now that he no longer has it, and his name is out there for the world to see, the world should begin talking about him, his background, and his motives.

Ignore Democrats and the media. You can’t say his name enough.

But I’d like to draw your attention to a very ugly fact and it’s one that I’ve mentioned repeatedly throughout this article.

The obvious fact that Democrats and the media have been trying to hide it should worry every American. While it’s slimy enough that Democrats are trying to undermine the will of the people who voted to have Trump as their President by continuously trying to find ways to kick him out of office, it’s par for the course. Trump is their opponent and Democrats are going to use every dirty trick in the book to make his life as miserable as possible while trying to find a way to see him removed from power.

He’s successful, and that’s bad for them.

The more worrisome thing is that the media is doing everything in their power to help the Democrats. As I mentioned the other day, the media has been working overtime to put out raging fires that could possibly harm the credibility of people in power, namely the Democrats.

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I’ve been hesitant to echo Trump when he calls the media “the enemy of the people,” but after watching the media kick their defensive posture in front of Democrats into overdrive over the past couple of years, I’m not entirely sure he’s wrong.

The Democrats are trying to subvert a legitimately elected president and remove him from office, and the media is helping. The media is working against the will of the people by hiding information that they were bound to already have, and that’s not some kind of tinfoil hat talk, it’s a pretty logical guess.

Democrats and the press are constant bedfellows. Media figures attend all the same parties with Democrats. They go on shopping trips together, they speak to each other over the phone behind the scenes. They even openly confess to working against Trump on Twitter.

The fact that they have reacted so strongly when it came to someone like Rand Paul threatening to expose the whistleblower, to the point where they were clearly agitated when he was correcting them should tell you all you need to know.

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They have the time, resources, and connections to find out who the whistleblower is within the span of a week. I highly doubt that they didn’t know it after making a few phone calls when the information first came out. Either way, it’s highly likely that they’ve been sitting on the information for quite some time and didn’t say anything in an effort to help build the running Ukraine narrative.

It’s why CNN — even in its article about Ciaramella’s lawyer’s cease and desist letter — still won’t mention Ciaramella’s name. Even though the letter pretty much proves that the Trump White House is right on the money.

This is blatant journalistic malpractice and is a clear indication of the press working FOR a certain party.

This is why you need to say Eric Ciaramella’s name and say it often. The press won’t do their job, so you have to do it for them.


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