Feminists Break Out the Double Standards in Their Anger Against Pro-Trump Nats Player

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The Washington Nationals made a big splash during their visit to the White House, and by big splash, I mean they really angered the leftist media who lost their minds after Kurt Suzuki donned a MAGA hat.


As my colleague, Nick Arama, wrote in greater detail, President Donald Trump invited Suzuki to speak at the microphone during their celebration on the South Lawn and as he approached the podium, he donned a MAGA hat. This pleased Trump to no end, as he gave Suzuki a hug.

Of course, this sent the left on Twitter into meltdown mode. Tweet after tweet condemned Suzuki. One in particular, however, stood out.

An author at the feminist site Jezebel decided the best way that she could condemn Suzuki is to declare that he’s no longer desirable as a sex object.

The author, Megan Reynolds, wrote that Suzuki is “off the f**k list” and so are any other players who displayed patriotism:

I do not profess to know anything about the political leanings of an entire baseball team, but I do know that my loins react negatively to this sort of display. The shutters are lowered; I am closed for business.

Though I did declare that I would gladly sleep with an entire baseball team if only they would let me, I am amending my public desire thusly: Suzuki is off the f**k list, as are any other Nationals that attended this grotesque display of patriotism.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that Suzuki likely doesn’t care that a feminist has lost her attraction to him. As Ben McDonald pointed out, Suzuki is rich, successful, and is already happily married to a beautiful woman and has a lovely looking family with her to boot. I’m sure Suzuki isn’t missing out on anything by Reynold’s rejection. In fact, he’s been spared something awful by losing her favor.


But the main thing I’d like to draw attention to is the ridiculous double standard on full display.

If a publication had declared that a woman was “off the f**k list” because she supported something an author didn’t like, that author would be tarred and feathered by everyone from the media to the politicians. He’d be considered the picture-perfect example of how men only see women as sex objects and that society as a whole needs to condemn this kind of horrific sexism that has infected our culture.

Jezebel’s delusions about the weight of their “list” aside, once again, feminists are reminding us why no one should listen to them. Ever. About anything.



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