Oklahoma City PD Investigating "It's Okay to be White" Signs as a "Potential Hate Crime," but Should They?

The 4-Chan project started two years ago has apparently gotten a second wind as the sign has now caused a stir at Oklahoma City University School of Law.

According to The Oklahoman, the sign appeared in various places around the campus, prompting the police to search for the man responsible. Police said they don’t believe the man is a threat, but that hasn’t made various people on campus feel any better, and Dean Jim Roth has felt the need to assure everybody that they’re accepted there no matter who they are:


Law school Dean Jim Roth issued a statement to students and faculty after the flyers were removed. He addressed the message on the papers, saying the law school has been “intentional and relentless” in celebrating its diverse community.

The school celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBTQ+ History Month and Day of the Dead and will honor Native American Heritage Month.

“Despite what the intentions of that message may have been, the message reminds me of one fact that I know our community embraces — it’s okay to be EVERYBODY,” Roth said. “Exclusion and hate will not be tolerated here. You are accepted at OCU Law no matter how you pray, what you look like, or who you love. And you always will be.”

The Oklahoman reported that though police do not believe the man who posted the fliers to be a threat, they’re still investigating as to whether or not this is a potential hate crime:

“The important thing now is to 100% identify this person and find out what his intentions were,” Citty said.

Once the man is found, officers will try to determine whether he planned any more incidents at OCU. The man will be told not to return to the school campus.

The flyers alone don’t appear to be a crime, Citty said. Property would have to be destroyed for vandalism to apply. Officers will investigate whether the person’s actions amounted to a hate crime.

The question is, should it even be considered as a hate crime?

To find that out, let’s play the old “swap the words” game.

If the flier had said something along the lines of “it’s okay to be Hispanic,” or “it’s okay to be black,” or “it’s okay to be gay,” would people be so up in arms about them?


The answer is doubtless. No one would raise a fuss. In fact, it’d likely be called brave by the student body and any major media network that decides to cover it. We know that because of various ways things from Black Lives Matter were embraced by campuses all over the country.

Eastern Illinois University professors hung BLM flags in the windows of buildings. The University of Nebraska held a BLM rally. Hundreds of UCLA students gathered together to protest the lack of more black students at the University.

Then there’s the infamous Dartmouth College video where BLM stormed the library and began harassing students.

In any of the reporting about these incidents, the word “hate crime” wasn’t mentioned once.

Interchanging any of these moments with the promotion of white people would have immediately been considered a promotion of “white supremacy” and labeled as a “hate crime” by the media.

The truth is, there is nothing in the statement “it’s okay to be white” that can be considered threatening or racist. In fact, it seems more along the line of promotion of acceptance than an attack on anyone else. Rest assured, it is okay to be white despite the fact that activists, the media, and even politicians consistently paint white people as the originator of many problems within our society.

Rep. Ilhan Omar told people we should be afraid of “white men.” Don Lemon of CNN essentially said the same thing. Speaking of CNN, they decided to take the time out to talk about the racism of white robots.


Recently, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed white people for creating a hurricane that killed her grandfather.

No, that’s not a joke. She really did that.

(Read: Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy: AOC Sinks To Blaming White People For The Death Of Her Grandfather)

What we definitely need in our society is less racial tension, and I’m going to use a favorite saying of the left’s in order to point out what these fliers are doing…

…they’re starting a conversation.

It’s a conversation that the left doesn’t want to have, but it’s overdue. Racism against white people is festering in the west, and it’s time that we put these shallow hatreds to bed, no matter the skin color.


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