"It's Okay to be White" Sign Appears Above Massachusetts Highway

It wasn’t long ago that signs began popping up in random cities that had people a little bothered. They were white pieces of paper that simply read “it’s okay to be white” on them.


The fliers originated as a 4Chan project in 2017 and are apparently finding new legs. The original post gave those who wished to participate some simple instructions:

Do Not Alter The Message
Do Not Alter The Flyers
Anyone Who Tries To Change Things Is A Shill
There Is No Phase 2

It’s Okay To Be White. 5 words. Simple, elegant, effective. The plan is working. Stick to the plan. There is no phase 2.

If you take part remember; print the original flyers in the pic, post them in legal areas, be aware of cameras, and get home safely.

Do not trespass. Do not Vandalize. Do not post over other signs or flyers. Do not say anything racist or provocative in the comments of news stories. We are giving the left all the rope they want and they are racing to hang themselves. The goal is to expose the media’s anti-white bias through their reaction to a harmless flyer. It is working. Stick to the plan. There is no phase 2. Anyone who suggests change is a shill.

The moment they began popping up all around the country, people began reporting the signs to police and wondering out loud if the sign was a “hate crime.” One thing was for sure, many found the simple message disturbing.

Last Thursday, the fliers began appearing around the Oklahoma City University Law campus and now police are investigating as to whether or not it’s a hate crime.


(READ: Oklahoma City PD Investigating “It’s Okay to be White” Signs as a “Potential Hate Crime,” but Should They?)

On Friday, the message appeared on a bridge above a Massachusetts highway. According to WHDH-TV in Boston, thousands of commuters traveling down Mass. Pike saw the sign hanging on the bridge. The news crew was present when a man pulled his car over and yanked down the sign.

“Being white is such an advantage in society and to suggest otherwise is just straight-out racism,” the man told WHDH-TV.

The station also contacted the Anti-Defamation League who condemned the sign, saying it “targets people.”

“It’s important for people not to be persuaded or attracted to a message like this because behind the words is bigotry. Behind the words is hate,” said the unnamed ADL spokesman.


I don’t know what the intent was by the guy who hung the banner, but frankly, if it is a message with the intent to promote white supremacy and target non-whites then it sucks as a hate message.

Simply stating that “it’s okay to be white” doesn’t even begin to give off the idea that it’s anti-anyone. In fact, if we were to put a different race in place of “white,” the general consensus would be “…yeah, totally.”


Today’s society is pretty filled to the brim with anti-white sentiment thanks to the media, activists, and politicians. As I covered in an article earlier today, the racism against white people is pretty blatant but never acknowledged, especially by the very people who shout “racism” whenever a white person so much as smirks.

The “it’s okay to be white” message is likely catching on, not because people want white supremacy, but because racism needs to stop. It’s resonating with people.

I’m willing to bet this won’t be the last story you see about a sign like this going up.



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