Former University President Says Higher Education Has "Created a Monster" With Politically Correct, Fascist Students

Former American University president Dr. Everett Piper had some forceful things to say on Wednesday about academia’s role in creating one of the most openly fascistic student bodies America has ever seen.


Appearing on Fox News with Brian Kilmeade, Piper said that free speech is under attack and being suppressed at every turn in order to push a very leftist agenda within colleges and universities. Piper described what is happening in higher education is more akin to “thought control” and “ideological fascism.”

“‘You will think like us. You will look like us. You will talk like us. And, if you don’t, we will crush you. We will crush you. We will silence you,'” he said, summing up the attitudes on campuses.

Piper mentioned various figures who have been sounding the alarms, such as Dave Rubin, Bill Maher, Van Jones, and Adam Carolla, all of whom have been pointing out the complete shut down of freedoms from thought and speech, to academics itself.

“We’ve created a monster and it’s turning around to consume us,” Piper told Kilmeade.

“How did it happen?” he continued. “We’ve been teaching ideological foreclosure. We’ve been teaching political correctness rather than common sense, natural law, self-evident truths, and those big laws that actually lend themselves to freedom.”


Piper offered the idea that a return to a teaching of liberty over the current fascistic education would set us back on the right track.

“You don’t go to college or university to be indoctrinated,” said Piper. “I think if we recognize this is an opportunity to go back to the classic liberal arts institution, where you teach liberty and you teach freedom, rather than teach fascism, then we can have a correction in the right direction.”

Piper’s description of mentalities on campuses around America is correct. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve seen everything from simple intimidation to actual violence from student bodies in various states. Social justice obsessed students had, at one point, taken to patrolling their campus with weapons in order to enforce a code of conduct on other students. Antifa has, on multiple occasions, showed up in force in order to silence various conservative speakers. Student groups focused on “inclusivity” have even made certain words taboo, such as — and I’m not kidding here — “America,” which they claim isn’t an inclusive phrase.


These are just three examples. There are far more than I can ever remember in a single sitting. All of it shows just how far higher-education has sunk into fascism.

These students are going to lead our country one day, and it’s horrific to think that they will take this indoctrination and apply it to their voting habits later on down the line. Recent polls have shown that 70 percent of millennials would vote in socialists and rid America of its capitalist system.

The damage is greater than we think it is, and most of it hasn’t happened yet. If we’re going to turn this around, we should start focusing on making our universities a place of ideological and educational freedom, not fascistic adherence to a radically leftist agenda.


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