Look Out! Deadspin Writer Is Subtly Threatening Media Figures Who Aren't On Board with Her Revolt

CREDIT: Brandon Morse, copyright RedState.com
CREDIT: Brandon Morse, copyright RedState.com

Deadspin’s future is in the air right now. The site is currently going through some hard times, namely because its own staff is in open revolt against the site’s managing company, G/O Media.


The writers of Deadspin, a site dedicated to sports, were taking liberties to write about things that had nothing to do with sports, including a lot of politics. The short version of this story goes that the writers at Deadspin didn’t like being told to do their jobs and “stick to sports” when writing articles. As a result, Deadspin staff began purposefully writing articles that had nothing to do with sports with the tag “stick to sports” in order to rub salt in the wound.

This lead to the firing of its deputy managing editor, Barry Petchesky, who tweeted out that he was fired for “not sticking to sports.”


It would appear this has disturbed Deadspin’s hive of wasps, and the writers there are very angry. So angry, in fact, that they’ve begun threatening the media in general.

According to Deadspin reporter Laura Wagner, she’s begun making a list of media figures who are not standing behind the rebellious writers of Deadspin.

“Yes, I am carefully noting every media person who has — and hasn’t — expressed support for Deadspin and its editorial independence,” tweeted Wagner.


As Twitchy highlighted, the rest of us haven’t exactly taken Wagner very seriously.

Wagner has yet to tell us what she’s going to do with that list, but my guess is…nothing. I’m sure she’s thinking she’s creating a blacklist, but judging by the company she keeps, this is a blacklist I’d love to be on.

I openly don’t support the Deadspin rebellion because the rebellion is simply against a company wanting its sports news site to function as a sports news site instead of a playground for grown children who want to write about whether or not it’s okay to “f*** to my friend’s band.”


Nope, that’s an actual thing that was talked about there.

When your boss tells you to do your job — the one you agreed to do — and your immediate reaction is to tell him “no,” then badmouth management to the world while busting up his possessions, I’m not exactly going to join your side.

If you don’t like your job and want to do something different, then quit and go find employment elsewhere.

If anything, I hope that many outlets are paying attention to who is revolting against doing the work they were hired to do, and when they come seeking a job, these businesses will know not to hire them. They’re more trouble than they’re worth. For Deadspin writers, this day may come sooner than later.

In any case, Wagner can include me on that list of hers.

Also, she should learn to code.


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