Not Good: Around 70% of Millennials Say They Will Vote for a Socialist According to Poll

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President Ronald Reagan’s warning that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction” may be proving scarily true.

According to The Hill, Millennials overwhelmingly say they would vote a socialist into office and don’t necessarily have a good attitude toward capitalism:


Seventy percent of millennials in a new poll say that they are somewhat or extremely like to vote for a socialist candidate.

The YouGov–Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation poll released on Monday also found that 50 percent of millennials, defined as between the ages of 23 and 38, and 51 percent of Generation Z, or those ages 16 to 22, have a somewhat or very unfavorable view of capitalism, an increase of 8 and 6 percentage points, respectively, from last year.

Only 44 percent of Generation X, 33 percent of baby boomers and 33 percent of the silent generation said they were somewhat or extremely likely to vote for a socialist candidate.

As I’ve written in greater detail before, the fact that millennials are so taken with socialism — while horrible — shouldn’t surprise anyone. Millennials and Gen Z are so far removed from socialism that they have zero idea as to what a socialist country would look like.

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Much of my generation has been privileged with comfort that has never been experienced by humanity throughout its entire existence. We live in an age where the press of a button on our hi-tech handheld comms devices brings food to our door or a ride home. All of the world’s information is accessible from the palm of our hand. Many babies learn how to operate a datapad before they do a book.


The majority of us drive hi-tech vehicles, and all of our needs can be met in a span of five to ten minutes at the most. Even our poor are considered wealthy by the world’s standards.

This is all thanks to capitalism, but to younger generations, it’s not capitalism, it’s just life. This is the way it is.

They’re told that it could be even better than this if we switch to socialism. They’re told that even the poor can have all the things they have, too. They’re told that we’re soaked in social issues like racism and the patriarchy because that’s just what capitalism does.

Also untrue. Capitalism has done more to give minorities and women more power than they ever have before.

But they’re told we’ll live in a paradise if they just embrace socialism.

The young always want to effect change for the better through dynamic means and socialist’s cheerleaders have done a very good job of making socialism seem like the change everyone is looking for.

You really only need look around to the countries who have tried socialism to see that it has only failed everywhere it’s been tried. Even the places where socialists like to say socialism has succeeded have actually been abject failures.


My hope is that the standard human experience when it comes to youthful wishful thinking comes true and eventually the will for socialism wears thin as experience is gained, but socialism is far more powerful a presence in our country than it’s been in a long time. I pray that our country doesn’t regress after all the leaps and bounds it’s made in the past few years.



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