Thanks Outrage Brigades: "Joker" Achieved Top-Grossing R-Rated Movie of All Time

Promotional screen shot from 'Joker', courtesy Warmer Brothers Pictures
Promotional screen shot from ‘Joker’, courtesy Warmer Brothers Pictures

I think there’s something about the social justice warrior internet outrage brigades that just causes people to want to see what it is that has the hard-left so upset.


Hilariously, it used to have the opposite effect. Long ago, upsetting the SJWs would result in apology tours from artists and creators. Theaters may have even refused to show the movie. Nowadays, learning that you’ve disturbed the online wasp nest is the same as hitting triple sevens on the slot machine.

The latest outing from Todd Phillips and Joaquin Pheonix, the disturbing and dark movie “Joker,” has now achieved the throne for top-grossing R-rated movie of all time, and it was the number one target of pseudo-moral busybodies, SJWs, and leftist critics the world over.

The Hollywood Reporter has the details:

The Warner Bros. film has become the top-grossing R-rated film of all time, not adjusted for inflation, with a global box office haul of $788.1 million. It is expected to cross $800 million Friday or Saturday.

In other words, it’s well deserved.

Let me be clear. The movie is excellent. As I wrote in my review, this is a masterpiece of a movie that I think will be studied in film schools for years. How Phillips managed to pull off the kind of storytelling he did with the dark, gritty, depressing, and oppressing elements he used and keep it this watchable is something that amazed me.


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The film deserves this honor, and if the outrage from the left helped generate these sales totals, then all the better.

You’ll recall that the worry was that the story of Arther Fleck, a mentally disturbed man with a deep-seated wish for violence and a penchant for delusion, would cause incels to take up arms themselves and begin killing people left and right. They believed that in an era where we have Trump as the leader of the free world, this kind of movie would inspire violence.

They even began posting police and security guards outside theaters to make sure nothing bad happened.

They attacked it from every angle to the point where Phillips vocally spoke out against the PC police that were attacking his film relentlessly.

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And nothing bad did happen. Despite all the media pearl-clutching and doomsaying, no blood was ever spilled over the movie. The media didn’t get what it had been prophesying.


I’d even venture to say it didn’t get what it was hoping for. Nothing would have pleased the media more than spilled blood to report about, and the chance to say that it’s been right about this all along. Look at how they react whenever there is a shooting. The amount of finger-wagging and preaching they do before the bodies have even cooled shows just how eager they are.

Thankfully, the wishful thinking of the media never occurred.  “Joker” went on to great success and zero bloodshed.

This film is worth celebrating, not condemning. It deserves the success it’s achieved.


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