Scott Presler Gives Us An Update About the National Cleanup Effort and It's Massive

Screen Grab: Scott Presler's before photo.

Screen Grab: Scott Presler’s before photo.

While many people complained about the trash and dilapidation of America’s bluest cities, Scott Presler rallied a ton of people — many of them Trump supporters — and went to go clean up the trash themselves.


From there, what started as an online call for action sprung into a massive movement that has cleaned up streets everywhere from Baltimore to Los Angeles, and it’s not stopping yet. Now, Presler has released a video telling us just how much he and his movement have cleaned up.

According to a tweet he sent out on Saturday, they’ve collected 29 tons of trash from Baltimore, 50 tons from LA, and now they’re heading to Chicago next month to help with the cleanup efforts there.

Presler reiterated in the video that he was first inspired to begin the cleanup effort when Trump began commenting about the trash problem in Baltimore. He also wonders why he, a man from Northern Virginia, is in places like homeless camps in Los Angeles cleaning the place up, while the elected leadership within the area is sitting around doing nothing.

Presler also urged people to not wait for him to come to their area, and instead begin a cleanup effort themselves.

Presler first began cleaning up in Baltimore in August and began a media frenzy thanks to the fact that many residents began expressing thankfulness for the help that their elected Democrat politicians were giving them.


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Since then, the left has done its absolute best to pretend Presler doesn’t exist. Mainstream media sources largely ignore the fact that a movement to clean up the streets of blue cities even exist.

Still, when tons of trash suddenly disappears off the streets, it’s hard not to notice. Presler movement is likely going to get some people questioning the Democrats they’ve been voting into office all this time, and like Baltimore residents, realize they’ve been largely forsaken and ignored.

Expect to see Presler’s work have some kind of effect in 2020.

If you’d like to help in Chicago, then Presler already has a way for you to join in on the cleanup effort.


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