Bizarre Feminist "MENstruation" Commercial Shows Men and Boys Getting Their Periods



It’s apparently a concept that the brand “Thinx” came up with as an ad for their line of period panties. Only it’s not telling you how well they work, if they’re comfortable, or what benefits buying their brand over other brands will give you.


No, they’re going to sell panties by wagging their fingers at men for the crime of being men who don’t get periods.

The commercial, released earlier this month, starts with a boy telling his father that he’s gotten his period, and proceeds to put men in the place of women in various situations when their period starts, including a man rolling over while he’s sleeping and leaving a small bloodstain where he once was.

Other instances include a student having his pads fall out of his locker when he opens it, having to ask for one from a co-worker, and two lovers informing each other that they’re on their period before they start doing whatever it is they were going to start doing.

The commercial ends with a swipe at men’s “discomfort” with periods.

“If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them,” reads some text on the screen.

At the time of this writing, the ad has not been taken well. On YouTube, it currently has 6.4k dislikes to its 1.9k likes. Also, the comments have been disabled for the video, signaling that reactions from viewers have been less than kind.

As well they should be.

The narrative that men are somehow bothered by periods is a feminist myth. Being around females all our lives, periods aren’t exactly anything new, and while some people may be grossed out by blood, it’s not exactly something the entire male population loses its mind over. Both men and women can hate the sight of blood, no matter where it comes from.


Regardless, it’s a tired narrative being pushed here, not to mention a divisive one. Using anti-male sentiment to push products is old hat, and usually doesn’t go over well with the population at large. You can ask Gillette about that.

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The bottom line is that men understand periods. We know why women have them. Just because we don’t have them ourselves doesn’t mean we can’t sympathize with women. In fact, men spend a bit of their time in resources attempting to comfort women while they have them. Anyone who is or has been in a romantic relationship with a woman can attest to it.

As far as I’m concerned, Thinx is just another company with some really bad values.


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