Video Surfaces of "Trans" Child From Texas Custody Battle Saying His Mother Tells Him He's a Girl

The case of James Younger, a seven-year-old boy from Texas who was recently the central figure in a custody battle between a father trying to protect his son from an abusive mother, has now taken a much larger spotlight on the national stage.


The case revolves around James’s supposed decision to be a transgender girl. The father, Jeff Younger, maintains that James prefers to be a boy and only seems to act as if he wants to be feminine around his mother, Anne Georgulas, and that these thoughts of transgenderism are a direct result of his mother’s influence.

A video has now come into public light where you can see the father asking James questions about whether or not he’s a girl or a boy. The child answers that he is a girl because his mother told him so.

“You’re a boy, right?” asks Younger.

“No, I’m a girl,” replies James.

“Who told you you’re a girl?” asks  Younger.

“Mommy,” said James.

The father continued to ask questions of his young son about his preferences, including how “mommy puts you in a dress and puts nail polish on you?” The son answers in the affirmative, noting that his mother buys him dresses, hairbands, and hairclips, and that he likes nail polish.

“And what does mommy tell you?” asks the father.

“She tells me I’m a girl,” replies James.

“My three-year-old son tells me — he’s at my home — he tells me that he’s a girl. And I had the presence of mind, thank goodness, to pull out my iPhone and videotape me asking him about that. And that was literally the first time that I really understood what was happening to my son,” Younger said on the “The Luke Macias Show” during an interview about the video.


“That was the first time I noticed. He was just past his third birthday,” he added.

Younger believed that his ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, was “only giving [James] love and affection if he acted like a girl,” and “was putting my son into time-outs and she would lock him in his room and say that monsters only eat boys.”

The court, in an 11 of 12 jury decision, has given Georgulas sole managing conservatorship of James and his twin brother Jude, and is now forcing the father to affirm James’s status as a transgendered person. When around James, Younger must refer to him as “Luna” with feminine pronouns.

Though Younger lost the battle to the mother, things are starting to heat up thanks to the nature of the case. The child believes he is transgender due to the mother’s influence, though the father informs the public that when he is out of his mother’s care, James is all boy in both dress and actions.

“James violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home,” said Younger.

Other instances where James has exhibited preferences for being male pop up everywhere from being with friends to testimony from his own transition therapist.

The transition therapist, for instance, observed that James is oddly inconsistent when it comes to wanting to be “Luna.” At one point, James was presented with two pieces of paper, one with the word “James” and one with the word “Luna,” and asked to pick the name he preferred. When in the presence of his mother, he chose “Luna.” When in the presence of his father, he chose “James.”


Others have been eyewitnesses to James’s boyish behavior, including Bill Lovell, the senior pastor of Christ Church Carrollton and a family friend, Ellen Grigsby. The latter of whom said that when she takes care of him away from his parents’ influence, he acts naturally like a boy.

The case has many oddities attached to it. It’s odd enough, in fact, that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now entered the fray himself and is sending Child Protective Services to investigate the matter further.

RedState will keep you updated as the story unfolds.


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