Majority of Americans Believe We're On the Verge of a Second Civil War Poll Reveals

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A new poll conducted by Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service conducted a poll and found a shocking statistic that showed the majority of Americans believed that a second civil war is looming in the near future.


The poll found that when American citizens were asked to rate the current state of political civility from a scale of 0 (no political division) to 100 (political division to the point of civil war), the responses averaged around 67.23. The poll noted that 7 in 10 Americans believe that America is on the verge of a violent war with itself.

The poll did come with odd answers from those took it. The majority of people wanted compromise from political leaders but wanted leaders to stand firm in their opposition according to GU:

“Our Civility Poll finds that eighty percent of voters say that they both demand compromise from political leaders, but want political leaders who will stand up to the other side. That creates mixed messages for even the most skilled political leader trying to decide whether to be a fighter or a dealmaker,” said Mo Elleithee, Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service.

This is most likely a desire for Americans to have more give from the other side while they wish their own leaders to remain immovable. This is not going to help the situation at all if both sides are expecting flexibility from their opponents while willing to give up none. Should a politician do what the voting base expects their opponents to do, it won’t sit well, and thus you may find many politicians unwilling to budge at all, furthering the divide.

Some in the media also suggest a civil war is looming, such as National Review and Foreign Policy. Others believe it has already begun, such as Rush Limbaugh, who said we are currently in a “cold civil war.”


According to Limbaugh, the Democrat establishment may be the one who drives us into violence due to their desire to obtain and retain power by any means necessary, including finding ways to kick Trump out of office and punish the civilian population for supporting him, or ideals like his.

The idea has also sprung up on social media. Oftentimes during a gun debate, ideas would be floated around about military involvement in the seizing of guns, which usually leads to the discussion of civil war and how that scenario would go.

At this time, the radicalism of the left has driven many to openly advocate for the termination of various rights outlined in the Bill of Rights. Many have stated that this will result in war as the American people will face down the government, topple it, and reinstate a new one as the founders suggested we do in the event of a tyrannical government takeover.

Other indicators that we may be approaching levels of nationwide violence is the constant escalation of violence by radical protesters on the left, including Antifa, who openly threaten political dissenters with violence, and sometimes death.

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