Former Beauty Pageant Winner Is the Current GOP Fundraising Congressional Frontrunner in Nevada


A GOP star is rising and it comes in the form of former Miss Nevada pageant winner Lisa Song Sutton, who is currently leading the pack of six other Republican candidates when it comes to fundraising.


According to the Daily Wire, Sutton, 34, is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran and a Korean immigrant. She entered the race in the third quarter, and in her first 90 days, she raised almost $128,000, taking the lead over candidates who had been fundraising for longer.

Currently, the rankings look like this:

  1. Lisa Song Sutton: $127,998.00

  2. Samuel Peters: $111,704.00

  3. Charles Navarro: $80,013.00

  4. Jim Merchant: $58,185.00

  5. Randi Reed: $ 47,595.00

  6. Leo Blundo: $45,398.00

  7. Catherine Prato: $29,585

Sutton describes herself, not as a politician, but as a “business leader,” according to the Daily Wire.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the momentum my campaign has received in the first 90 days,” Sutton said in a statement. “I’m a business leader, not a politician, and I have shown in my first quarter that we can raise the money to build the grassroots political support needed to challenge Steven Horsford in the general election.”

“Our wide base of support shows Nevada’s 4th Congressional District is eager to elect a Republican who is a young, female, minority, business leader to Congress. The community is tired of career politicians running for office in districts they don’t care about,” Sutton continued. “I’m here to show the community, and Washington, that I will outwork career politician Steven Horsford, and take back Nevada’s 4th Congressional district.”


She may just do it too. Reports show that her donations are coming from more than just the traditional Republican base in Nevada.

“Sutton’s support ranges from traditional Nevada Republican donors, to first-time federal campaign donors,” noted Sutton’s campaign. “The average small-dollar online donation was $58. This wide range of support shows her campaign is able to bring new donors to the Republican party. Her ability to expand beyond the traditional base of supporters and win over a majority-minority house district are anchors to Sutton’s success.”

Sutton believes that career politicians have shortchanged communities, and while she never intended to run for office, she found that she had to in the name of restoring Nevada and setting things right. She’ll put the focus on small business, cutting regulations, the U.S. military, immigrant enforcement, border security, and the Second Amendment.




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