"We're Not Giving Up on You": Watch as Georgia Police Talk Down a Suicidal Father

SCREENSHOT: New York Post video

Depression is a serial murderer, and it can cause irrationality in otherwise sane minds, lying to them and leading them down a dark path that too often results in suicide.


No one sees this more often than your local police force, who are often called to scenes in order to talk someone down from doing something that would not only end their lives, but also destroy the lives around them.

In one heartbreaking yet uplifting video, a father in Georgia was prepared to kill himself. According to the New York Post, Henry County Police arrived at the scene to find an unidentified father of a little boy holding a knife to his stomach, ready to stab himself.

The officers spoke words of hope to him and showed him who he would be devastating if he took his own life:

“We’re not giving up on you… We’re not. We’re here and we want to help you,” one of the cops told him in July, as caught on recently released bodycam footage.

Another cop recognized the dad from a previous call — and persuaded him to look at photos of his one-year-old son, with the dad pushing over his phone to show the officers the photo.

“You want to see your one year old again? You have to drop the knife,” the cop told him. “Your son hasn’t given up on you. He needs you.”

His colleague then persuaded him to look hard at the photos, telling him, “I know how much you love your son — it’s not lost, man, it’s right there. Look. Please stop. Look at his face. He needs you.

“Don’t do this to him. This will affect him in ways you won’t even understand,” he said, telling him it was not too late for a “do-over” on life.


The sobbing man eventually dropped the knife, and as a precaution, officers rushed in to handcuff him. Even as they did, they explained that he wasn’t under arrest, they’re just doing that for everyone’s safety.

Moments like these are heartbreaking and are occurring far more frequently today then they did in years past. Luckily, there are members of law enforcement who are only too willing to help those on their worst day, and stop them from making a mistake that would only make things so much worse.

Police get a lot of bad press and a horrible reputation that goes along with it but very rarely do stories like these reach the headlines despite the fact that they happen every day.



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