SJWs Are Now Going After Dungeons & Dragons for a Very Stupid Reason

One of two things has to be true about social justice warriors and the things they complain about.

Either they’ve never played the games or experienced the media they’re “outraged” about, or they live so deeply in their own world that it puts them into a sort of psychosis, forcing them to see a “reality” that is starkly different from actual reality.


This happens with everything. Movies, video games, and comic books are all pegged by social justice warriors “racist,” or “homophobic,” or “sexist,” or “uninclusive.”

All of these claims are demonstrably false. Nerd culture specifically has been nothing but inclusive, seeing as how nerds have always been a subculture that has almost been forced to stick together. People forget that before being a nerd became cool in the present day, being one meant you were going to be the target of ridicule and, likely, a little bit of violence. Nerds found their clique because companionship is needed, in part, for their own sanity.

One thing nerds loved to do is play Dungeons & Dragons and, wouldn’t you know it, just like every other thing nerds hold dear, it’s now come under attack by the SJW crowd too for being “uninclusive.”

By Gygax, the claims by this woman are ridiculous by the premise alone.

When it first became popular, people thought it was some kind of demon worship. It wasn’t, but it was also looked down on as incredibly nerdy. Over time, the game became more popular, and despite the fact that there are video games that allow you to play games like D&D without all the dice rolling and math, it still remains a popular game to play today.


I should know, as I’m one of those nerds who like to play D&D.

I like it because it becomes more than just a game. You’re hanging out with your friends, drinking, and joking around while you use your imaginations to solve problems and create stories on the fly. What’s more, all of the D&D games I’ve played, with the exception of one, had a mixed bag of people.

Men, women, lesbians, Hispanic people, black people, right-wing, left-wing, and more have all been in my D&D sessions. Like most nerdy things, there’s such a wide array of people involved in it that the word “uninclusive” has never been something I’ve associated with it.

I’ve never, in my life, seen someone forming a D&D group say that someone wasn’t invited because of what they were born as. Not once. Ever.

I’m not saying it hasn’t happened, and perhaps this woman has been excluded from games before, but I’m willing to bet it was because of one of two things. Perhaps it was because it was a group of men wanting to form a men’s only game, which is perfectly fine. Men and women should be able to form groups of exclusively men or women if they so choose.

Or second, and most likely, this woman is an annoying bore who is so caught up in identity politics that the group just didn’t want her around, killing the buzz.


And fair enough.

But this is more than just one woman. This is the BBC making this claim that D&D is uninclusive. Why?

Because social justice politics demands it has a seat at every table, no matter what that table is, in order to force anyone at that table to act and speak a certain way. While they’re attempting to force Dungeons & Dragons players to adhere to the rules of social justice etiquette, they’re also in the sports world, attempting to force football players to do the same.

This isn’t just a take over of nerd culture, it’s a takeover of the culture, period. Nothing is safe, everything will be attacked. Everything is up for infiltration and alteration.

This is what SJWs do. It doesn’t matter if their excuses for doing so are demonstrably false.





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