Leftists Upset About Video of Trump Killing His Opposition Sure Seem Okay With Violence Against Him and His Supporters


By now, you’ve likely heard of the video that surfaced showing the scene from the movie Kingsman, where one of the main characters goes on a violent killing spree within a hate church thanks to a signal that alters brain patterns and forces people to become violent.


My colleague, Brad Slager, covers it in-depth in his article here.

The video, which has been up on YouTube for over a year, has President Donald Trump’s head superimposed on the head of the main character, and many of the people he kills during the scene have their heads replaced with people and logos of those on the left.

You can watch it for yourself here.

The video was allegedly played at one of Trump’s Miami resorts for his supporters during a conference. Naturally, the media has lost its mind over it and has given it unmitigated attention.

Let’s get some things out of the way before I continue.

Firstly, this is clearly a meme representative of Trump fighting off his opposition, which is both numerous and vicious. It’s not going to incite violence as some on the left are claiming; it’s clearly figurative as most memes are. No one in their right mind is advocating that Trump’s opponents be brutally murdered.

Should it have been played at a pro-Trump conference? Probably not. It does feature Hillary Clinton getting run through the neck with a disassembled gun, and CNN having a wooden stake shoved into its mouth. It’s not the best way to go about a political rally. It works as a meme, but probably not as something promoted officially.


The thing is, it’s hard to take any outrage from the media seriously, seeing as how violence against Trump and his supporters is a pretty regular occurrence, and in a very official capacity no less.

Let’s take Kathy Griffin’s severed Trump head, for instance. Or the Broadway play that depicted Trump’s assassination. Or Snoop Dogg’s music video where he points a gun at Trump’s head. You can see them pictured in the tweet below in case your memory needs jogging.

The media’s certainly does.

But most of all, let’s also not forget that Universal created and was set to release a movie titled “The Hunt” before the release was canceled due to the studio believing it was “bad timing” thanks to the El Paso shooting and backlash by Americans. You may say that Universal shut the movie down because they knew it was wrong, but that’s not the case.

They signed off on the movie, spent millions of dollars making it, and had a quickly-approaching release date. They only canceled it because they were afraid that the timing would make them look bad.

In short, a major motion picture studio is actually okay with violence against its vision of how Trump supporters are being depicted, and the only coverage it got was news about its progress and hindrance and the typical “Republicans react” style of news reporting.


What’s more, the producer of The Hunt, Jason Blum, said in an interview that if he could relive a single day over and over again, he’d “take out the current administration.” The look on his face was very serious, and even writer Christopher Landon seemed momentarily taken aback by it.

You probably didn’t hear a thing about this, though, because the left doesn’t seem to care about violent rhetoric like this if it’s geared toward Trump or his followers.

Please, spare me the outrage about this meme video. It rings so hollow in the face of the violence that I see promoted from the left. Especially when it is even carried out against Americans.




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