South Park Doubles Down on Its Anti-China Stance for Its 300th Episode

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the 300th episode of a show than by telling the people trying to keep you censored what you think about them in a very public way.


When last we left off with the feud between the totalitarian government of China and the creators of the animated show South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, China had banned any trace of the show from the country. This is because Stone and Parker dedicated an entire episode to mocking China’s censorship and the willingness of American corporations to bend over to capitulate to it.

After being banned, Stone and Parker offered a sarcastic apology to China, showing that they won’t be caving anytime soon.

Or ever.

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Now, for their 300th episode “SHOTS!!!,” Stone and Parker are turning their “apology” into a one-two punch.

The episode primarily revolves around character Eric Cartman’s refusal to get an immunization shot and the town’s efforts to force him to get one, but a side-plot involves character Randy Marsh’s struggles with everyone’s anger with him for working with China to sell weed in the previous episode.

Near the end of the episode, Marsh is confronted by his business partner Towelie, who tells Marsh that unless he stops working with China, then he’s out.

Stone and Parker have a way of using their storylines in order to get real-world messages across and use Towelie as a vessel to state that they aren’t going to work with China at all.

“I’m never working for a company that’s regulated by a communist government,” Towelie tells Marsh.


Marsh agrees to stop selling to the Chinese, but Towelie isn’t satisfied and forces Marsh to say “F**k the Chinese government” out loud.

Marsh first says it quietly, then at Towelie’s prompting, says it even louder.

“F**k the Chinese government! There!” yells Marsh.

You can watch the entire episode for yourself for free by following the link below.

Right now, many companies such as the NBA and the gaming company, Blizzard, are publicly capitulating to the Chinese government, censoring any mention of support for Hong Kong. The NBA kicked out two fans at a Sixers game for holding up a “Free Hong Kong” sign, and Blizzard continues to censor players who support Hong Kong as well by suspending or banning them from championship games.

Many have seen South Park’s approach to China as the true response that should be given in the event of China’s attempts at censorship of a company. A very public and resounding refusal to cooperate.


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