Illinois Schools Will Now Be Required to Indoctrinate Young Children With LGBT Principles and Beliefs

Blatant indoctrination has come to Illinois on the government level as, starting on July 1, 2020, schools will be legally required to teach children LGBT history and be forced to buy textbooks on the topic.


According to Joy Pullman of The Federalist, Illinois’ new curriculum won’t just take place during a short amount of time within the school year. It will be something that continues on throughout it. Students will be subjected to various books like “My Princess Boy” and “I Am Jazz” as well as a documentary that compares mixed-race and single parenthood families to families with LGBT parents:

District 65’s full LGBTQ+ week curriculum can be viewed online. To get a sense of of what this public school district is teaching the children in its care, and what the new LGBT curriculum in all Illinois public schools will look like starting next school year, let’s look at a few selections from their preschool and kindergarten curriculum for this week. This is for children ages 3 to 5.

Teachers were given a lesson plan on slides that include movies and a teaching script to show and say to the children each day of the week. The children are shown, among other things, a video of someone reading aloud the book “Heather Has Two Mommies,” famous transgender teen Jazz Jenning reading his picture book “I Am Jazz,” a book read aloud on video called “My Princess Boy,” and the apparently highly awarded video below. The script tells teachers to use materials like these throughout the year, not just during LGBTQ+ Equity Week.


The “highly awarded video” Pullman mentioned stops for a moment to talk about the intolerance toward the LGBT community. It also seems to contain a polyamorous family, as one child describes his two mommies and two daddies.

Afterward, the students are shown pictures of various types of families, like those seen in the video. The children are expected to respond with a “yes,” according to Pullman:

The children are also openly catechized in LGBT affirmations. For example, the script tells the teacher to say after one video: “OK. Let’s see what we learned. For each picture, you tell me if this is a family. Ready?” The children are clearly expected to say “Yes” to each.

The aforementioned slides introduce children as young as three to various concepts such as “gay and lesbian” and “gender identity.” Slides containing “Black Lives Matter” messaging is included as well.

Pullman reported that parents and teachers have already raised opposition and concerns about this curriculum, with many wishing to opt their children out of it. However, one district school board President has responded by stating that no child is allowed to excuse themselves from the curriculum.

“Our administration has heard from a number of parents who want the ability to opt their children out of this curriculum. The District 65 Board of Education does not support allowing students to opt out of this or any curriculum that seeks to include a more complete account of the role of historically marginalized people in our society, as such curriculum is vital to supporting our district mission of preparing students to contribute positively to a global and diverse society.”


So, unless you pull your child out of public school, your child is going to be indoctrinated whether you like it or not, and all in the name of a “diverse” society.

While a family teaching its own children their values is one thing, this is the forcing of values on other families through their children. The fact that these families can’t opt out is a heinous intrusion on the belief structure of a family upon a child against that family’s wishes.

This goes beyond “tolerance” or “inclusion.” This is now a cultural stance being forced into acceptance. In fact, it could very well be viewed as intolerance toward values that don’t align with the LGBT community.


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