Detroit's Police Chief Fires Back at Rashida Tlaib Over Her Racist Comments About His Department

Michigan’s Rep. Rashida Tlaib embarrassed her state when she told Detroit Police Chief James Craig that when it comes to DPD’s facial recognition technology, the people running it should only be black.


Her reasoning? Apparently everyone who is not black can’t differentiate one black person from another.

“Non-African-Americans think African-Americans all look the same,” said Tlaib.

This is a very stupid thing to say on multiple levels. For one, it assumes that every other race is too stupid or ignorant to be able to tell one black person from another, which is demonstrably nonsensical.

Tlaib uses the example of people confusing Rep. John Lewis and Rep. Elijah Cummings. While it’s unfortunate that this happens, it’s not indicative of every other race of people being unable to identify one black person from another. This is simply because both men are actually very similar in background and appearance.

You won’t see people confusing Lewis with someone like Justice Clarence Thomas or Rep. Tim Scott.

In the video where Tlaib is making the suggestion, Craig can be seen attempting to reason with Tlaib only to be shut down. Afterward, Craig made the very measured response that he has faith in people regardless of their skin color or sex.

Later on, Craig noted that had he made a similar comment, Tlaib’s people would be screaming for his resignation.

“Here’s what’s troubling,” Craig said, “As a police chief who happens to be African-American in this city, if I made a similar statement, people would be calling for my resignation … Is it a double-standard?


The answer to Craig’s question is “yes.”

That Tlaib can say something like that without a meltdown is indicative of a very serious problem, not just in our media, but our society. What Tlaib said was clearly racist toward, not just white people, but anyone who isn’t black and has the training and expertise to do this job.

This was the point Craig also brought up.

Tlaib insulted many people here with a short-sighted position on top of a virtue signal about our police departments being prone to racially profiling all at the same time. However, no one will come after Tlaib. If the shoe were on the other foot and a Republican Tlaib suggested that only white people should run the board to prevent black police from mistaking one white person from another, there’d be eight kinds of hell to pay.

Yes, Craig, it is a double-standard.


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