Fox News Crumples Like a Cheap Suit, Apologizes for Michael Knowles's Comments About Greta Thunburg

SCREENSHOT: Twitter Uploaded by Brandon

While on a segment on Fox News, the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles was discussing the young teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg with Chris Hahn.

Knowles was clearly upset that the left was once again using a child as both a sword and as a shield in order to push an agenda. It’s a disgusting habit of theirs, as it allows them to wheel the child out to make statements and proselytize on their behalf, then if any criticism comes their way, they can become indignant that a child is being “attacked.”


Case in point, watch Hahn lose his mind when Knowles called out the left for exploiting a “mentally ill Swedish child” instead of allowing grown adult scientists take the lead on this climate change narrative of theirs.

Knowles is 100 percent correct in his disgust and on his facts. What’s more, Hahn immediately demonstrates how the left’s playbook works by becoming overly angry during this conversation, throwing no facts back at Knowles and instead resorting to petty insults like “skinny boy” and claiming no one watches his podcast.

The thing is, Knowles was clearly not attacking Thunberg as he even noted during Hahn’s tirade. He was chiding the left for using her as an untouchable prop. He wasn’t even attacking her by calling her “mentally ill,” because as is well known about Thunberg, she has Aspergers and OCD. She is factually mentally ill.

This makes it all the worse that the left is using her, and on a personal note, wheeling someone with Thunberg’s condition all over the world in order to push an agenda can’t be healthy. It looks more like child abuse than righteous activism.


Regardless, Knowles made the point very clear that he wasn’t attacking Thunberg.

However, Fox News seems to believe that Knowles was in the wrong by stating these facts and have seemingly sided with Thunberg. Not only have they issued an apology for Knowles’s comments, but they have banned him from the channel.

According to the Daily Beast, a spokesperson for Fox News said that Knowles’s comments were “disgraceful” and that they have no plans to book him as a guest in the future:

A Fox News spokesperson provided the following statement to The Daily Beast on Knowles’ remarks: “The comment made by Michael Knowles who was a guest on The Story tonight was disgraceful—we apologize to Greta Thunberg and to our viewers.”

Fox News also told The Hollywood Reporter’s Jeremy Barr that it has no plans to book Knowles again as a guest.

And with that, Fox News just lost a massive amount of credibility.

What the most-watched name in news did is deny reality in the name of political correctness. Knowles, as he explained and even later explained online, was not deriding Thunberg for having a mental illness, he was clearly bringing it up to highlight the fact that the left has sunk to new lows and will take advantage of someone like Thunberg.


Fox not only should have not apologized for Knowles, but instead stood its ground and even backed him up. What’s happening to Thunberg is disgusting and attempting to sweep very obvious facts under the rug is only making them complicit in the abuse of her person. They have assisted in the narrative, and are reinforcing the left as it uses a mentally ill child as a shield.

She is a mentally ill child and the left is using her as a prop. This isn’t an opinion. This isn’t a mean thing to say. This is a regrettable fact.

Shame on Fox News for caving to this.


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