If You Want to Know How Insane Environmentalists Have Gotten, this Funeral Is a Good Gauge

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Environmentalism is pretty wacky. Watching any march, strike, or event with “mother Gaia” at the center of everyone’s concern can really bring out the wackos and what is billed as a march to raise awareness about the left’s irrational fear of climate change — I think we’re all pretty aware at this point — usually ends up being a modern-day pagan gathering.


It has also, apparently, inspired funerals. We’ve seen it before, such as the famous video of environmentalists losing it over a fallen tree.

But according to CNN, a funeral was recently held in Switzerland for a glacier called Pizol, which has now completely melted. The environmental activists hiked to the top of a mountain to where Pizol was and held the funeral while dressed in black clothing and paying their respects to the melted water:

Around 250 people gathered Sunday to hike up to the glacier, where a local priest gave a speech to commemorate the retreating ice, said Alessandra Degiacomi, coordinator of the Swiss Association for Climate Protection and organizer of the funeral march.

“Pizol glacier has disappeared. There will be some snow left, but the glacier is no more,” Huss told CNN.

“There are several small pieces of ice lying around, but these pieces are increasingly being covered by rock debris from the mountain. But given what is left of it, we will no longer term it a glacier in scientific terms,” Huss added.

“80% of the glaciers in Switzerland are more or less the same size as Pizol,” Degiacomi told CNN.
“If Pizol goes, this is a warning sign. This is what is going to happen if we don’t change something about our behavior,” she added.

The melting of Pizol may seem like a clear indicator that climate change is severely damaging the environment as they say, but as climate alarmists dress in black and hold funerals for the natural transition of states of matter, a glacier in Greenland is actually growing.


Jakobshavn, which sits on Greenland’s west coast, has been growing thicker thanks to the North Atlantic Oscillation climate pattern which switches from warm to cold water every 20 years according to space.com. Climateers say that this is temporary because the oceans are warming, but Jakobshavn isn’t the only growing glacier. The two major glaciers at Glacier National Park (GNP) have been growing since 2010.

The GNP even had to quietly toss out signs they had put up that claimed the glaciers would be gone by 2020.

This funeral in Switzerland appears to be one more bit of performance art meant to scare us into believing the most ridiculous claims about climate change. While it is good to look out for the health of our environment and adhere to a solid form of conservationism where possible, these people turn it into a cult where science gets skewed and apocalyptic threats are made if we don’t adhere to their governmental standards right away.

The church of climate change isn’t just a weird pagan religion, it’s a vote driver.



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