The Emmy's Viewership Craters to Record Breaking Lows

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Another Hollywood awards show — another dip in the ratings.

According to Deadline, Sunday night’s Emmy’s brought in the lowest viewership of all time, with a whopping 32 percent drop in people tuning in to Fox to see the ceremonies:


Watched by 6.9 million viewers from 8 PM to just after 11 PM ET, the hostless ceremony pulled in the smallest audience for any Emmys ever.

That’s smack is a 32% fall in sets of overall eyeballs from the Monday airing of the show on NBC last year and a 39% drop from the previous Sunday airing on CBS back in 2017. In addition, the decline this year from the last time Fox had the Emmys in 2015 is a hard to swallow 42%.

It gets worse. The glitz and glam of Hollywood is usually an attractor for younger crowds, however, they hardly showed up at all:

In terms of the key demo of adults 18-49 …well, they’ve tuned out it seems even with big wins by the much watched Game of Thrones for its final season. Pulling in a 1.6 rating among the 18-49s, last night was also an Emmy low.

This drop could be for various reasons. Many people around the key demographic would rather do something else and watch the highlights online later than sit around for the multi-hour long affair. This is a trend that has been seen when it comes to multiple things, including late shows and SNL.


What’s also not helping is the fact that many people have tuned out due to celebrities using their platforms and awards as opportunities to proselytize about social politics, and it’s always to the left. The 2019 Emmys had its share of political statements as well. People are tired of having politics injected into their escapism by people who live inside a very gilded bubble.

Unless, there’s a massive change to Hollywood as a culture, it’s unlikely that these award shows will see boosts. The trend seen is that the percentages dropping every year, and if it wants to stanch the bleeding, it will have to allow a diversity of thought at the very least. Actors giving speeches and films winning awards for their political messaging will have to go.

I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.


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