Thousands of Remains from Aborted Babies Found In Indiana Abortion Doctor's Home

There’s a sickness surrounding abortion and those who perform it as a profession. One Indiana abortion doctor had around 2,000 fetal body parts in his home despite the fact that no abortions were ever performed there.


According to WSBT, police say the doctor who resided in South Bend passed away earlier this month. As his family went into his home to clean it out, they found the thousands of remains:

Officials say 2,246 fetal remains were found in the home of a doctor who used to perform abortions in South Bend until his license was suspended in 2015.

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who has a home in Will County, Illinois, passed away on September 3.

Last week his family was looking through his home in Will County following his death.

There they found the fetal remains.

According to WSBT, Klopfer had been suspended from practicing abortions back in 2015 over various violations surrounding his practice:

Klopfer used to practice out of Women’s Pavilion in South Bend. You may remember the state of Indiana suspended Klopfer’s medical license in 2015 for failing to exercise reasonable care and violating several notice and documentation requirements. He was accused of failing to report an abortion preformed on a 13-year-old.


Why someone who hadn’t practiced in the abortion field for four years would still maintain thousands of fetal baby parts in his home is confusing, but police are investigating the situation. Perhaps he was selling them, or worse, he was keeping them as trophies. I’d hate to speculate, but this is something you’d see in horror movies.

As we’ve learned from various stings in the past, major abortion providers are fully into the business of selling the body parts of aborted babies and they do have some value. Perhaps the police investigation will find something far deeper than a sick mind.

Regardless of the intent, “sick” is the only real way to describe this.



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