Watch: Democrats Harass Police at Houston Debates

SCREENSHOT: Twitter Uploaded by Brandon

Democrats have gone off the deep end in their radicalism, and they show it in a myriad of ways. In Houston, during the Democratic debates, they showed it by harassing police officers.


As a video posted by Elijah Schaffer shows, Democrats stood behind a barrier as they shouted “f**k the police” at them. They also accused them of working with the KKK, and being “American Gestapo.”

One girl with a bullhorn is seen saying that the Houston Police Dept. works with ICE to deport illegals.

The blatant disrespect they show would suddenly take a back seat in the presence of a real threat. They themselves would call the police should a gunman show up and begin attempting mass murder.

And this yet another reason as to why I can’t take these leftist protesters seriously. They hate the police and compare them to the Gestapo, yet they want police to be the only people who are armed. It defies all logic Even more hilarious is the fact that many of the Houston police are Hispanic and black, yet somehow they work with the KKK?


Reporters say, however, that this group was relatively small and that most Democrats were carrying around signs that supported their favored candidate. The problem for all of them is that their favored candidate has more or less made themselves subject to the radicals in the party that behave much like the protesters here.

The Democrats need a reckoning if they’re going to make their party remotely approachable again, and it’s going to have to start by making sure that protesters like these are kept to the back of the room in a dark corner where nobody has to look at them. Every party has its radical weirdos, but only the Democrats have made theirs mainstream.


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