SJW's Forced the Deletion of a Commercial by Native Americans About Native Americans Because It was "Racist"

Fragrance commercials are weird, and usually, play out like a Parisian designer’s fever dream than an actual commercial that makes me want to buy cologne. Dior’s commercials with actor Johnny Depp are no exception.


I’m not sure what they’re trying to do, but Depp digging holes in a desert after playing the guitar isn’t exactly making me want to buy a bottle of smells.

But I digress.

Depp and Dior decided to undertake a project that paid tribute to Native American culture and proceeded to release an ad featuring a Native American girl in wolf skin and a man dancing in a traditional headdress as Depp played the guitar. It’s just as weird as any other commercial, and as you can imagine, it caused the internet to lose its collective mind as it claimed the ad was a stereotypical depiction of Native Americans, and therefore, racist.

It doesn’t help that the fragrances name is “Sauvage,” which is French for “savage.”

Here’s the ad so you can watch it and decide for yourself.

Outrage mobs formed and went after Depp and Dior. Most tweets followed the same lines as the one below.

Dior deleted the tweet and withdrew the ad as any corporation would. However, instead of apologizing, the company explained that the ad was made in collaboration with the Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO) according to Fox Business:

“The Parfums Christian Dior project is a part of AIO’s Advance Indigeneity Campaign to change the misperceptions about Native Americans, to share accurate American history, to build awareness about Native Americans as contemporary peoples and to promote Indigenous worldviews,” a statement from the release said.

“AIO supports Native American art, films, books, and other forms of Indigenous pop culture. Through the Advance Indigeneity Campaign, AIO continues to work at an international level with schools and universities to build innovative curriculum for and by Native peoples,” the statement continued. “We are very proud of this collaboration with AIO on the new ad campaign for Sauvage.”


So, in summary, the social justice outrage brigades forced Dior to take down a commercial that celebrated Native American culture that was made with help from a Native American group. To be clear, this is the left telling a minority ethnic group that the celebration of its own culture is “racist.”

It makes you question who the real racists are here.

Still no pushback from the left about Sen. Elizabeth Warren claiming to be a Native American for years in order to culturally appropriate their status for her own gain, though, but I’m sure it’ll be coming around any day now.


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