Embarrassing: Leftist Groups Threw an "Impeach Trump" Rally In DC and No One Showed Up

Embarrassing: Leftist Groups Threw an "Impeach Trump" Rally In DC and No One Showed Up

The people aren’t into the idea of impeaching President Donald Trump and that was made painfully clear after an impeachment rally was embarrassingly short on attendees in Washington D.C.

According to Breitbart, the protest was to take place on the Capitol lawn, but come time for the event to occur, the place was devoid of demonstrators:

The eventbrite.com protest notice said it would take place at noon on Monday on the “Capitol lawn below the steps,” but no one showed up for that protest. This protest notice said that “events are registered with Indivisible,” one of the groups listed as a sponsor for the 11:00 a.m. protest.

Breitbart News reached out to the contact for the Indivisible event but did not receive a response. Breitbart News also reached out to MoveOn to ask if the protest was canceled and, if not, were organizers disappointed that no one showed up?

Monday was the first day Congress was back in session following its August break, and both advertised protests said the purpose was to demand lawmakers start an impeachment inquiry against the president.

This wasn’t an event put on by some random person on Facebook either. This was an event put on by big-time leftist groups from MoveOn to Democrats.com.

It’s not a wonder that no one showed up. Polls consistently show that the American people have little interest in impeachment Trump, and haven’t seen any reason for it since the Russia investigation came up with nothing. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been trying to shoo Democrats away from the idea of it, and only Rep. Tulsi Gabbard seems to be the only 2020 candidate that understands that pushing for impeachment is too divisive.

It’s an unpopular thing to push for that only radicals truly believe is the way forward. A July poll showing only 11 percent of people believe impeachment will happen is reflective of that.

Still, the left can dream. As laughable as this is, the part that should make you angry is the fact that the mainstream media won’t report on this in order to avoid giving any indication that impeachment just isn’t realistic. The very word seems to attract eyes, and they’re in a time when they need all the eyes they can get thanks to their free-falling ratings.

It’s par for the course, though. These kinds of things happen all the time, and you never hear about them.

The first time I learned that protests often go unattended was when I lived in Denver, Colorado. At the time there was a massive push for gun control by the Democrats in that state, and an anti-gun group planned to have a rally below the Capitol steps. I went down to see what I could when the rally was supposed to happen and found one lone girl standing there with a sign and three or four squirrels.

My laugh was probably impolite.

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