The Left Needs to Take a Real Good Look at What It's Become After This Ridiculous "Hey Guys" Video

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No doubt that by now you’ve seen the “Now This” video circulating around the internet telling you not to use the phrase “hey guys” because it’s gendered and sexist. If you haven’t, then here it is.


And let’s play a game. Post below in the comments how far you made it before you had to stop. On my initial watch, I made it 17 seconds.

All I could think as I clicked off of it was that if I was on the left, I’d be embarrassed that this is what my side’s concerns boiled down to nowadays and that we’ve become so first-world spoiled that this is a problem that people in a room agreed was worth dedicating resources to.

In fact, I think Bearing Arms editor Cam Edwards put it best in his reply to the video.

“Imagine “hey guys” being one of the Top 10,000 Biggest Problems in your life,” he tweeted.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I can give anyone is that you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously. If you do, you get blinded to how ridiculous you become, and as a fallable human, you’re pretty ridiculous by default already.

The goal of not taking yourself too seriously is to not put yourself into a position where you pressure or force anyone to be as ridiculous as you, and this is a problem too many on the social justice left have. They even call themselves “progressives,” which has become an everyday term now but is kind of a ridiculous thing to call yourself if you really think about it.


I mean, really. How high on your own supply do you have to be to think that everything you do is done to progress humanity toward Utopia? You’re an egotistical ape like the rest of us with zero ability to foresee the future. Hell, many progressives hardly see what they’re doing in the present.

The social justice left loves to proselytize about what is and isn’t good to do or say, and have come up with all sorts of nonsensical ways to live your life “properly.” Oddly enough, a lot of what is “proper” to these “progressives” defies all logic and scientific reasoning. What’s more, they truly believe that what they’re suggesting is the path to a better society.

Right now, their path to a better society is to tell you that using the word “guys” is a weaponized word that is dehumanizing.

Their words, not mine.

If I were on the left, I’d feel pretty embarrassed right now. In fact, I’d be on social media denouncing the holy hell out of this video. Why? Because it’s a clear indication of how emotionally weak my ideological camp is. It’s proof positive that our priorities are in the wrong place and that we’re making mountains out of molehills in an effort to make it seem like we’re doing good in the world.

To be clear, if I wasn’t in the know already, this “Now This” video would make me question the weight of a lot of stances the left takes. It makes me take them less seriously overall and even laugh at them.


There’s even a tinge of anger that is added to it when you consider the fact that the left considers this a problem but refuses to address real problems. They don’t want to talk about the violence in Chicago much. They don’t want to talk about the fact we have a crime problem in minority communities. They don’t want to talk about the full spectrum of racism happening in the U.S., nor do they want to talk about the violence of Antifa. They don’t want to talk about the obvious corruption problems happening within the Democratic party. They don’t want to talk about the demonstrable destructiveness of socialism as we watch it happening in other countries. They don’t want to talk about the cost of all of these entitlements they’re cheering on, nor how it’s going to be paid for, at least in depth.

No, they want to talk about how “hey guys” is going to *checks notes* hurt peoples feelings.

Whose feelings? As Sister Toldjah wrote on the video, the vast majority of women don’t even care about the phrase’s usage. Even in the video itself, the girl notes that it has become a gender-neutral phrase. I’ve even seen women use it to address groups of women on multiple occasions.

This is a bad look. It’s the kind of bad look the left has been making for itself for some time now and it’s making people consider the left to be Monty Python’s Camelot. Just a silly place everyone agrees not to go to. Instead, they choose Trump, because anything is better than this nonsense.


To sum it up, people are laughing at this video and the ideological side that created it, and you can’t blame them. If I was a Democrat, or on the left in general, I’d be mocking this video to kingdom come. Not just because it deserves to be mocked, but because it doesn’t have any business representing a serious idea within my camp.

But, alas, this is what the left has become thanks in part to its embrace of social justice. Years of banging the drum of race, sex, and sexuality has birthed forth this monster that has now taken control and is the face of the left.

You’ve got two options. You can either fight back against the nonsense, regain control of the left, and put a more realistic foot forward…or you can come to the right. We won’t ask you to eat bugs or your pets to save the environment.  Also, we have comedy. You can laugh here.

And believe me. We’re laughing.


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