Joe Walsh Has Lost His Radio Show

Joe Walsh may have just ruined his career over his insistence that President Donald Trump is the worst President in history.

Walsh began as a major Trump supporter, but over time became one of his most ardent opponents. As my colleague Mike Ford reported over the weekend, Walsh announced his intention to primary Trump and run for President himself.


The likelihood of Walsh beating Trump and taking the Presidency is so minimal that you’d have to see his chances through a high-powered microscope. According to Gallup, Trump has an 88 percent approval rating among Republicans and his economy is still going strong.

Walsh has now said that he lost his nationally syndicated radio show during a CNN interview after he revealed that the majority of his listeners are pro-Trump.

“I just found out that I lost my national radio show. So that’s gone, but I figure that might happen, John,” Walsh told CNN on Monday.

Walsh said that he found out he had lost the radio show moments before he went on air with CNN.

“I’m running for president. I oppose this president. Most of my listeners support the president. It’s not an easy thing to do to be in conservative talk radio and oppose this president,” said Walsh.

Walsh said he’s okay with it, and that he’ll be campaigning full time anyway.

Who he’s going to try to win over is a mystery. Even his own fanbase wasn’t with him. Regardless, many mainstream news outlets who were content to call Walsh a racist and a crackpot are now giving him all the airtime he could possibly ask for. This says more about the desperation and derangement of the leftist media than it does anything else.


Furthermore, I’m not sure said airtime is going to do him any good. The Republican party is pretty united behind Trump, especially in the face of the radical threat from the left. It’s not going to uproot itself from Trump’s camp in order to support someone the left now approves of.



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