Video: Dan Crenshaw Expertly Points Out the Democrat's Rhetoric and Violence Problem

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The left, in general, has had a horrid problem throwing the term “Nazi” around, and the cavalier use of that word has caused more than its fair share of problems. The kind of problems that sometimes result in censorship, or worse, innocent people being beaten and bloodied by people who justify violence through the accusation while being fascistic themselves.


While on the Joe Rogan podcast, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw got onto the topic of Google and its censorship problem resulting from Google employees actually calling people like Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, and Jordan Peterson “Nazis.” Crenshaw verbally laid out a Google representative during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing after an internal memo surfaced revealing that information.

At the time, Crenshaw had noted at the time that we have a “punch a Nazi” culture that, in truth, we’re all pretty much okay with, and that calling people like Prager and Shapiro “Nazis” was wholly irresponsible.

Now, on Rogan’s podcast, Crenshaw made the very clear case that the left’s violence problem stems from the rhetoric of this very kind.

“I always tell people when they’re complaining about something Trump said and they’re like ‘look at the violence he’s inciting’ and I say ‘well, you call us all Nazis,'” Crenshaw said. “When you call someone a Nazi, you are calling somebody something that we all agreed as Americans to bomb, and kill, and destroy. So, you’re labeling me with a label that we all agree should be destroyed. Like, how is that not inciting violence by your standards?”


Rogan said that if you take the “Nazi” label away, there are far fewer targets for people to be upset about, and encouraged people to stop throwing the word around, especially at people like Shapiro who is clearly not a Nazi, both by demonstration and the fact that he’s an orthodox Jew.

Rogan noted that using the word is just an easy way to make someone a target.

“This continues to be said by basically everybody running for president, that Trump is a white supremacist,” Crenshaw said. “And white supremacist and Nazi are practically the same thing.”

“I think we have an understandably deep objection to anything white supremacist, as we should. It should be condemned totally,” he continued. “When you’re calling the president that – and they often call his supporters that, too – so you’re calling 60-something million people who voted for him the same thing. I just can’t imagine a worse way to engage in dialogue and a quicker way to escalate things to just the worst possible scenario.”

Rogan asked how the term is now “tossed around like a beach ball at a concert” and noted that the right isn’t labeling anyone on the left as Nazis.


Crenshaw responded by noting that they found an effective word that “others” a person and thus silences their speech, which is an age-old tactic used since the ’60s.

“So, in a sense this isn’t new,” Crenshaw said. “The kind of radicalism we’re seeing, it started in the ’60s, it was imbued into our universities and now we’re seeing it manifest again and amplified, I think, by social media.”

(h/t: Daily Wire)


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