If CNN Is Wondering Why It Consistently Places Last In Cable News, This Is Why

CNN, “the most trusted name in news” according to CNN, continuously tries to sell you that everything they say is coming from a moderate position.

When they say the biggest threat to the country is white Trump supporters, it’s coming from a moderate place. When they report on the racism of white robots, it’s not because they’re filthy with radical identitarians, it’s because they’re super centrist and giving you the latest takes on the hard issues.


And when hostess Brooke Baldwin tells a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate that she “gets it” when it comes to gun control measures and President Donald Trump doesn’t, it’s because they’re coming from a place that is pinpoint accurate in the middle of all political sides.

Baldwin was talking with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D., N.Y.) plan for gun control measures in the United States. Gillibrand was clear about banning “assault weapons” (this typically means any gun without a wooden finish) and other restrictions on purchases, then finished with the classic “think about the children” line.

“Universal background checks, making sure we ban assault weapons and large magazines, and a federal, anti-gun trafficking law,” Gillibrand said. “We shouldn’t have to live in a world where kids doing back-to-school shopping at Walmart are afraid, where kids are doing shelter-in-place drills as opposed to mathematical drills. It’s not what we should be aspiring to.”

Baldwin, ever the non-biased reporter, told the Gillibrand that the 2020 candidate gets it and asked how they could make Trump and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell get it too.

“How can President Trump get it? You get it,” Baldwin said. “How can President Trump get it? How can Senator Mitch McConnell get it?”

Centrist with a capital “C.”

“I think people need to keep raising their voices,” Gillibrand replied. “We have mental health issues in every country around the globe, but only in America do you have these mass shootings, do you have gun violence on every street corner in big cities.”


This is actually false, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. In terms of mass shootings, researcher John Lott found that the United States actually ranks 66th overall. Saying we’re 66th doesn’t make for a good sound bite for Democrats, nor does it help push narratives for the media.

If CNN wonders why it currently brings in the bronze medal in cable news, this is why. It claims to be an unbiased source of information, but its hosts continuously demonstrate that they lean so far to the left that the network tips over into radicalism sometimes.

People feel like CNN believes they’re stupid when they claim to be one thing and prove to be another. This is why, according to one study, you’re more likely to run into a person who practices witchcraft than an avid CNN viewer.


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