The American Left has Lost Piers Morgan, Says Its Methods are Fascistic and Killing Our Culture

SCREENSHOT: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon

Once the worst of enemies, Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan seem to have made amends and sat down for a friendly tet-a-tet during Shapiro’s Sunday Special.

Where many expected sparks to fly, Morgan actually presented himself as a man who is fed up with the American left. He ranted about it becoming somewhat fascistic and blamed it for making our culture horribly rigid and humorless thanks to the enforcement of political correctness through the threat of retaliation, be it legal or mob.


This has given rise to the idea of populism according to Morgan.

“Populism is rising because liberals have become unbearable, and I speak as a liberal, okay? Liberals have become utterly, pathetically illiberal and it’s a massive problem. … What’s the point of calling yourself a liberal if you don’t allow anyone else to have a different view?”

Morgan accurately pointed out that this fascistic way of controlling the public has driven many into the arms of a strong personality who calls it all nonsense, referring to President Donald Trump.

During the interview, Morgan actually made it clear that he respects Trump. The two became closely acquainted during Morgan’s time on the apprentice and noted that Trump is more intelligent than the media gives him credit for.

If you’d like to watch the entire episode, you can do so below. I recommend you do, as it is a fascinating interview between two former rivals. Other topics such as Brexit and firearms are covered. He even takes a swipe at CNN’s hard-left swing.


While I’ve had my disagreements and spats with Morgan personally, I have to say that he comes off as very reasonable and wise during this interview. Shapiro found himself agreeing with Morgan more often than not. While I still feel he gets it wrong when it comes to guns, it’s refreshing to hear a lot of these takes coming from a left-leaning media personality.




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