It's Time for the LGBT Community to Leave a Democrat Party that Doesn't Truly Care About Them

FILE - In this Sunday, June 11, 2017 file photo, Equality March for Unity and Pride participants march past the White House in Washington. Many LGBT-rights activists never believed Donald Trump's campaign promises to be their friend. With his move to ban transgender people from military service on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, on top of other actions and appointments, they now see him as openly hostile. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The LGBT community and the right have often been not the best of friends. The right, for the most part, embraces Judeo-Christian values that call the LGBT lifestyle a sin, and the LGBT community — at least its activist community — finds the right’s insistence that there are no sacred cows a problem.


Despite fundamental disagreements about what is right and wrong, evolutions have occurred that have brought the LGBT community and the right in alignment.

Many on the right still consider homosexuality a sin, but this view doesn’t equate to hate. For the religious right, we’re all sinners and many of us believe that it’s hypocritical to hate a man for his sins while asking forgiveness for our own. Besides that, we were called to love. As time goes on, this understanding seems to be more and more widespread and it’s not uncommon for a Christian to have gay friends.

Not everyone agrees with this in the Christian community, but even if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter. The right has also become more libertarian, and the “live and let live” approach to society has much of the right stating that if it’s not infringing on anyone else’s rights or taking money without asking, we don’t care what you do. Don’t force us to do anything or put us into a position to make us care, and we’re good.

The left used to embrace this kind of thing, but as time has passed, the left has also embraced other things that run completely contrary to the LGBT community’s best interests.


In its quest to be accepting and “woke,” the left has begun embracing cultures that fundamentally oppose homosexuality to the point where you can be arrested and even killed for being gay or lesbian. Not only are they embracing these cultures, but they’re also flat out kowtowing to them.

Take the recent incident with Rep. Ilhan Omar of the woke “Squad.”

As I covered in more detail previously, the Palestinian Authority has decided to chase down and arrest a group of LGBT activists who held a meeting in the West Bank in an attempt to plan and generate more acceptance. When asked if she’d condemn the PA for doing this, Omar’s response amounted to “yeah, but Israel.”

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Israel was never mentioned in this exchange, nor is it a part of the story. Omar desperately grasped at something to turn everyone’s attention to other than how Palestine was rounding up homosexuals and arresting them and landed on her favorite punching bag. She didn’t defend the LGBT community, she tried to distract from the issue.

Here we see a constant problem from the left. Gays can be literally thrown off buildings and the right will condemn this horrific slaughter and violation of human rights, yet the left will go primarily silent about it. The Pulse Nightclub shooter pledged loyalty to ISIS in a phone call to authorities before his attack, though, this is largely glossed over as it would tie the shooter to his religious beliefs.


The left’s care for members of the LGBT community seems to end where Islamic rigidity begins. The right doesn’t have this hangup. The right condemns the slaughter of innocents no matter who it is.

These incidents are common for the left and give off the impression that, in truth, Democrats aren’t really all that concerned about the LGBT community but consider the community useful. There’s a lot of posturing from candidates about their support of LGBT rights, to be sure. In fact, the 2020 Democrat candidates are planning to have a debate in October strictly around the LGBT community, but as Brad Polumbo at National Review wrote, what’s there to debate? It seems more like an opportunity to virtue signal:

What exactly would be debated? It’s hard to imagine any potential Democratic challenger offering a dissenting viewpoint on issues like gay marriage or transgender inclusion in the military. If anything, this “debate” will likely devolve into a revolving cycle of virtue-signaling agreement, with each candidate competing to sound more sympathetic to the gay plight than the others. That’s not productive — it’s performative.

The right and the LGBT community may never see eye to eye on a handful of issues, but the idea that we should all live as we want has never been more in sync between the two. Meanwhile, the left is playing house with the LGBT community while it turns a blind eye to state-enforced bigotry and religion-based executions.


The right and the LGBT community have nothing to lose by conversing more with one another, and the doors are definitely open for it. Understandings can be reached between the two and we can put behind the idea that we have to be enemies while respecting each other’s rights and wishes.

However, as time goes on, the LGBT community seems to have a lot to lose by fully embracing the performance art of the left as Democrats stay silent on — and even make excuses for — fatal bigotry and violations of human rights and basic freedoms.

Some things will need to change. For instance, the greater LGBT community will need to reject its overzealous activists which impose social and legal rules on private citizens and punishes those who don’t obey their rule of law. It’s here where you often see the right and the LGBT community come to blows.

Even at the best of times, I imagine you’ll still see friction and fights between the right and the LGBT community, but even in these moments, a standardized and simplistic set of rules can solve the problems pretty quickly. Those rules will mainly revolve around the idea that we cannot rule over each other’s lives. The Christian shouldn’t be forced to bake the cake and the gay couple can get married if they please so long as they don’t force a church to do it. No matter how complicated it gets, we can fall back on the principle that we are equal citizens.


It won’t ever be a perfect relationship, but it will be a more honest and caring relationship than the one the LGBT community currently has with the Democrats who seem to only care for show, and don’t show it when it becomes too risky.


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