YouTube Is Trying to Stop Fredo From Bringing Down Fredo by Deleting Cuomo's Meltdown Video

I know it was you, Fredo.

The greatest thing flying around the internet right now is CNN host Chris Cuomo suddenly donning an Italian-American tough-guy accent and losing it all over this guy who called him “Fredo.”


For those of you who don’t know why that’s insulting, in Godfather 1 and 2, Fredo is the weak brother in the family that *spoilers* ultimately betrays the family. Calling someone “Fredo” is an insult as it’s essentially labeling someone as the weak link in the chain or the softest person on someone’s team.

Cuomo doth protest a little too much after being called Fredo, and it’s understandable. It rings a bit true in his case.

The video went viral as soon as it hit the internet thanks to this hilariousness of watching Cuomo awkwardly try to be a tough guy by threatening to throw the guy calling him “Fredo” down a flight of stairs.


But, like all things fun, YouTube decided the video went against its terms of service and banned the video from being seen on its platform. According to one Twitter user, YouTube did so because “Fredo” was deemed an “ethnic slur,” which it’s not. According to another, it promotes harassment and bullying. My question would be, who is bullying who?

The only bullying happening here is Cuomo attempting — and I use the word “attempting” here very literally — to intimidate the guy calling him “Fredo.” If Cuomo had just been called the name and shrugged it off, it would have been a non-story. Instead, Fredo took it very close to heart and adopted a tough guy act that the world saw through.

As it goes viral, YouTube comes in with the assist and takes down the video from its platform.

This is the same platform that features actual World Star street fights on its platforms. You don’t have to look far for a video of a feminist harassing pro-life people or see a video of Antifa doing its thing.


Making fun of Fredo Cuomo, though? Well, that’s too far.

It’s all a waste of effort, though. YouTube can’t keep track of all the mirrors and duplicates that will now populate the internet thanks to the Streisand effect that censorship causes. It also doesn’t own the myriad of platforms outside of its territory, where this video of Fredo is going viral, even as you read this.

The question is, who out there is trying to protect Fredo’s reputation with information suppression? Why, despite the millions of videos on its platforms that feature content far worse than this, do they suddenly get strict with their rules for Cuomo? Is CNN working with YouTube? Have they tried to get the video pulled elsewhere?



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