Protester at Steven Crowder's DC "Change My Mind" Event Goes Ballistic and Things Get Physical

SCREENSHOT: YouTube/Daily Caller Uploaded by Brandon

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder has had his share of leftists go crazy during his wildly popular “Change My Mind” segments, which put him in front of a crowd of people in what could be considered hostile territories and invite them to talk with him and attempt to change his mind.


Sometimes, the talks are productive and enlightening, other times they devolve into screaming and crying. During his latest “Change My Mind” in D.C., things got a bit physical after a crazed protester calling himself “Jesus Christ” wouldn’t leave.

The Daily Caller was on the scene recording the event when the protester, who was wearing clothing that had been painted on with anti-Trump language, began screaming and yelling over Crowder with a bullhorn. Crowder tried to get the man to sit down and speak with him, but the man had refused.

Eventually, Daily Caller correspondent Matt Miller convinced the man to sit with Crowder under the stipulation that once he was asked to leave that he would do so without incident. What followed can only be described as completely mental.

The man insisted Crowder refer to him as “Jesus Christ,” but Crowder refused to do so and instead referred to him as “Bruce.” The protester started off by declaring Trump a racist but refused to prove how he was. As a thought exercise, Crowder called “Bruce” a racist and told him to disprove it. “Bruce” could not.

After some time of trying to get the protester to have an intelligent conversation with Crowder and failing, Crowder decided he’d had enough and asked the man to leave. At this point, “Bruce” refused to and Crowder signaled for him to be forcibly removed. This resulted in the man going ballistic with shouts and screams filled with profanities.


“Jesus Christ, ladies and gentleman,” said Crowder as the man screamed.

*Warning: Horrible language is contained in this video*

Despite the scene, the crowd was in high spirits, even as the police got involved. After the man was forced to leave by police, he stood nearby and began screaming through his bullhorn. The crowd turned on him and chanted for him to take his medicine.

Judging from his behavior, the man seems to be unwell. Referring to yourself as Jesus Christ and insisting others call you that is, for starters, something you either do if you’re trying to be edgy and insulting, or you’re not right in the head. This man demonstrated behavior related to the latter during his arguments against Crowder and the crowd.

That said, it’s sad that discourse between both sides has degraded to this point for too many. This man was clearly convinced of hard-left talking points enough to turn himself into a political street preacher, bullhorn and all, and make his way to Crowder’s event in order to disrupt it.

We should all pray for Bruce Christ.


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