Trump Supporters Clean Up West Baltimore as Thankful Residents Defy Media Narrative

SCREENSHOT: OANN Uploaded by Brandon

After President Donald Trump drew attention to Baltimore, some of his supporters went down to West Baltimore to assist with a cleanup effort. The group posted pictures of the effort with before and after photos and found some interesting things along the way.


According to OANN, the group was led by activist Scott Presler, who lead over 100 volunteers after the controversy first arose in the media. Presler said his cleanup effort started with a simple tweet about going to clean up Baltimore, even if it’s just by himself. The tweet went viral, and before he knew it the effort had a slew of volunteers ready to go.

The residents themselves were highly grateful and didn’t seem to be angry at Trump whatsoever. In fact, at least one of them didn’t understand why people were angry with Trump for bringing attention to it.


The clean-up crew came across some interesting trash that really showed how long it had been sitting there for. This one newspaper seemed to have been lying around since Obama’s first election to the President.

There were also posts showing the before and after efforts of the clean-up crew.

We were told that Trump’s words about Baltimore’s trash and rat infestation problem were insulting and racist. Various media outlets and activists made a show of virtue signaling about Trump’s racist overtones and divisive rhetoric. Yet, when you get to the ground level, it would appear that the community is united. The anger towards Trump is, once again, a media fabrication.


When you stop trying to make everything Trump says out to be some kind of racist attack on America, you can focus on the problem he’s highlighting and things get done. As I wrote yesterday, Trump has said some things that are incredibly inartful but is not a white supremacist or a racist. The things that he’s often talking about tend to be actual problems that Democrats themselves have acknowledged in the past.

This includes Baltimore.

When people ignore the media rhetoric and start taking action, things get done.

(h/t: Summit News)



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