Mainstream Media Figures Shamefully Dog Pile Onto Dana Loesch in Wake of Mass Shootings

Anytime a shooting that the media wants to pay attention to occurs — Chicago and Dayton are quickly being forgotten about — many people on the left immediately log onto Twitter and head straight for Dana Loesch.


Dana Loesch is arguably the most famous gun rights advocate in America. As such, everyone from your average keyboard warrior to mainstream media figures will begin attacking Loesch for no better reason than being a woman who people can recognize in relation to guns.

Naturally, after the El Paso shooting occurred, Loesch became the focal point of a lot of people’s hatred and anger.

So on, and so on, and so on. By now, this “blood on your hands” line from the left is uttered about as much as the word “white supremacist” is when they talk about President Donald Trump. “Gun lady evil” could be a meme right up there with “orange man bad.”


The problem is that it’s not just your typical blue checkmark and internet rando that comes after Loesch. The mainstream media seem to love putting the blame on people like Loesch too. After El Paso, the mainstream media decided to jump on Dana Loesch by trying out this brand new strategy that we’ve never seen before; taking something she had said completely out of context.

It started when CNN’s Joan Walsh decided to make a snide comment about Loesch’s connection with beet juice.

Walsh was called out for trying to attack Loesch in the midst of the tragedy by confusing beet juice with blood, and Walsh responded with more insults. Loesch simply responded that she has nothing on her hands.

Another blue checkmark told Loesch to look more closely, insinuating Loesch really was to blame for what happened. When Loesch called out the fact that they were directing hate toward her that could inevitably lead to violence from those angered by Loesch’s supposed part in the shootings, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough decided to take a swipe at Loesch by making himself and his wife Mika Brzezinski sound like a victim of her rhetoric.


Scarborough is purposefully misrepresenting Loesch’s “your time is running out” quote by not even acknowledging what Loesch was talking about, or the context with which she said it. Loesch called him out on this.

Then Brzezinski joined in the fray, making it sound as if Loesch was the one who picked the fight in the first place.

Brzezinski had a flute to play, however, and kept going after Loesch while trying to pretend like it was Loesch on the attack. The MSNBC co-host kept telling Loesch to leave her alone while continuously tweeting insults at her. Brzezinski even went so far as to claim she picked the fight with Scarborough.


There’s plenty more to choose from. Visit Loesch’s page. She posts and retweets the hate thrown at her in Breitbartian fashion.

Loesch has been dealing with this nonsense for ages. The “blood on your hands” line has been repeated so much to her, especially lately, that it’s taken on the same feel as a zombified sounding cult chant. She’s obviously not to blame for the shooting, but she’s a lightning rod for people looking for someone to take their anger out on.

The problem is that the media leads this charge against her and for a solid reason. Loesch has proven them wrong time after time and is one of the few people who will actually walk into their territory to actually fight for gun rights in the face of a hostile crowd. If they truly want to push their agenda, one of the first steps is bringing down Loesch.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially when it’s done by people who are trying to self-victimize while on the attack like Scarborough and Brzezinski.


But whether they succeed or not — heavy emphasis on “not” — what they are doing is directing an inordinate amount of hate toward a woman who has only ever promoted the idea of gun safety and education while fiercely defending law-abiding gun owners right to have a firearm. Loesch has already had to move before due to the threats that have come her way, and here the mainstream media is making the problem worse.

But what else is new for them?


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