New York Neighborhood Makes Pro-Police Statement After Anti-Police Soaking Videos Goes Viral

SCREENSHOT: News 12 Uploaded by Brandon

At this moment, New York is in the news for two things. One is the anti-police trend of soaking police officers with water, and the other is Bill de Blasio. The soaking trend is bigger than de Blasio’s presidential run as many people seem to forget he’s a 2020 candidate, and the soaking trend is actually spreading to other cities than New York, unlike de Blasio’s popularity.


Videos have come out of both New York and Atlanta showing minority communities throwing water on officers as the officers attempt to calmly walk away. They do this as a show of disrespect and an attempt to make the officers react, which never plays well for police officers thanks in part to a left-leaning media.

However, it looks like another minority community is tacking the opposite route and using their water buckets to show police respect. According to News 12 in Brooklyn, Canarsie volunteers put on a car wash for police cruisers in order to show their solidarity and respect for law enforcement.

According to News 12, the event was a success with officers mingling with neighborhood volunteers as they got their police units washed with buckets of water that have so far only been used to disrespect officers.


“Those incidents, while they are unfortunate, I don’t believe it’s a reflection of the city as a whole,” said Terrel Anderson, the 69th District’s commanding officer.

“It’s a thankless job, but when you get the community to say thank you and to show their support, it just makes it that much easier to do a difficult job,” added Anderson.

“It’s a bridge,” said one of the volunteers. “We want the community and the cops to work together as one.”



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