The Sanders Campaign Allegedly Isn't Holding Up Labor Agreements and Is Firing Union Staffers Who Complain

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Watching the hard left collapse in on itself is one of those simple pleasures in life that make it all worth it. Especially when its the campaign of America’s top “democratic socialist” and 2020 contender Sen. Bernie Sanders who has found himself being charged by labor unions for not upholding agreements with union members he employs.


According to The Hill, the charges claim the Sanders campaign allegedly fired union employees who were trying to push the campaign to uphold contract agreements the campaign had made with the union. The campaign was failing to do so, and when union workers complained, the campaign reportedly had them fired:

The charge, which was filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) by a former campaign employee on July 22, also alleges that the campaign violated a collective bargaining agreement with unionized workers by making staffers work additional days and failing to provide commensurate days off.

When the individual asked the campaign to abide by the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, management retaliated, the charge alleges.

The person who submitted the charge has so far remained anonymous but alleges that they were attacked after sending the email requesting compliance.

“[Campaign management] retaliated against me when I organized the bargaining unit and sent an email requesting compliance with the [collective bargaining agreement],” the anonymous person wrote in the charge according to The Hill.


The Sanders campaign has been plagued with union problems in this election cycle. Earlier this week, Sanders ran into a payment controversy where he wasn’t dishing out $15/hr to his employees. In order to fix the problem, Sanders promised to pay his staff the full $15, but in order to do so, had to fire some staffers and increase hours on the ones that remained.

Some socialist.

As I wrote of the debacle, Sanders continues to prove that Sanders is proof that socialism can’t work and that even the most ardent of socialists don’t truly believe in socialism when it comes to their own personal business.



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