Dear American Left, We Fought a Civil War to Make You Understand You Can't Own Minorities Anymore

Black Trump supporter by Johnny Silvercloud, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Black Trump supporter by Johnny Silvercloud, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Imagine being a black individual in this country who, after much thought and consideration, expressed that you align more with the right than you do the left. You express your desire to pull the lever for Donald Trump in 2020 and believe that when it comes to how this country is run, you say that fewer entitlements, lower taxes, and more policing is good for the nation.


Then one morning you wake up and are informed that you’re not black anymore. You’ve been unpersoned. You hear from leftists in Hollywood and social media that your identity as a black person has been revoked!

You receive messages like this one below.

You don’t have to be black for this to apply to you either. You can be Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern. It doesn’t matter. Your heritage, experience and more are subject to the approval of the left.

I might just be a white guy who supports and his supported by the white patriarchy, but why is it that members of the left believe that they have this kind of power? How is it that they believe to have the authority to label who is and isn’t a valid member of this society.

Didn’t we fight a very bloody civil war to get it across to Democrats that we don’t do that here in American anymore? They lost the power to define a minority person’s worth as a citizen. Yet we’re still seeing leftists toss out a minority individual’s worth and look down on them because of who they are.


My colleague Kira Davis wrote an excellent open letter to Hollywood actress Bette Middler who did this very thing to a group of black people at a Trump rally. Middler, without knowing these men or even considering them individuals, accused them of being “blackground” figures who were paid to be seen standing behind President Donald Trump at a rally in order to make him look good.

Davis’s response was spot on:

For all of our talk about tolerance, diversity and how racist those big, bad scary Republicans were, the worst discrimination and stereotyping I ever experienced came from my left-wing brethren. It didn’t take me long to figure out that for many non-Black progressives I was not an individual…I was a box to check on their diversity list.

Ms. Midler, that is what you did with that truly thoughtless tweet – you revealed that you only see Black Americans as quotas while suggesting Trump was paying people to be quotas. Project much?

We see thinking like Middler’s come from the left a little too often, and they seem very comfortable with it. This is because they bought their own lie, hook, line, and sinker, that they are truly the defenders of the minority and Republicans are only out to, as Joe Biden once said, put them back in chains.


Hilarious, since it was the right that broke their chains and fought for civil rights.

To the left, they seem to think that as the sole protectors of minorities they know what’s in a minority community’s best interest and have the authority to tell them what is and isn’t good for them to do. How they should and shouldn’t act. What’s more, they become highly offended when a minority individual thinks individually and decides to side with the very people that they just know hate them.

With that mentality, they unperson an individual without any feelings of remorse. To them, a black person is supposed to fall into a specific box, and if they don’t, then they’re a race traitor and worthy of the worst kind of derision. Middler still hasn’t apologized for her comment despite the fact that she received an astounding shellacking for her racism.

To be clear, this is the definition of racism. It’s the idea that if a person of a certain race can’t be owned by a certain party, then they should be disappeared. The disappearing may have taken on a different meaning decades ago, but the idea is pretty much the same.

This country was based on individualism, and that should be maintained. However, too many Democrats have had, and still, have trouble understanding that minorities don’t belong to them. If a minority individual wants to vote for Trump, he has his or her reasons. People are more than their skin color and don’t have to be in one box or another.





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