Video: Conservative Trans Woman Blaire White Makes Very Interesting Points About "Trans" Activist Jessica Yaniv

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For those of you who have never heard of Blaire White, she is a transgender woman who has found herself politically on the right and consistently finds herself in opposition with the narrative that LGBT members have to side with Democrats or everything that this entails.


As such, it’s no surprise that White spoke up against Canadian trans activist Jessica Yaniv, whose name is making the rounds across the internet for attempting to push state-enforced sexual assault on women for not handling his genitalia during a Brazilian waxing.

White released a video talking about this, and she brings up some excellent points that I think need to be paid attention to.

Yaniv seems awfully zeroed in on female genitalia and women’s products like tampons and pads. What’s more, is that Yaniv seems to have this obsession when it comes to underage girls as well. As White reads out some of the alleged texts that Yaniv has sent out in the past, you can start to see that Yaniv’s transgenderism is the least of his worries.

He seems preoccupied with seeing women naked in changing rooms at gyms and helping them with their hygiene products, including going into stalls and assisting girls with them. He even makes mention of asking girls as young as 10 or 12 for hygiene products.

White noted that Yaniv is either delusional about girls or is intentionally predatory. She says that she’s going to be called “transphobic” herself for calling Yaniv a “he,” but lays out her belief that Yaniv isn’t actually transgender, just a predatory posing as a transgender person.


“I do not believe this is a trans woman. I believe this is a predator posing as a trans woman,” said White.

“Make no mistake, none of these messages are how women talk to each other, or how trans women talk to women, or anyone,” she continued. “Yaniv clearly has an obsession with feminine products, and women, and girls. It’s incredibly disturbing and it needs to be called out.”

White also points out the tweets Yaniv has sent to underage girls consistently asking their age, and notes that you don’t ask these questions in online discussions as age is irrelevant in most cases. Yaniv has made it a habit, and White even shows us a tweet of Yaniv celebrating on Twitter a ruling judging girl’s have no right to visual bodily privacy.

I want to remind everyone that Yaniv is also the trans activist that is currently trying to host a “topless” swimming event for children as young as 12 where parents aren’t allowed.

Just to be sure White gets her point across about Yaniv’s transgenderism being fake, she highlights that Yaniv isn’t acting like a typical pre-op transgender person would.

“And here is why I do not believe this is a trans woman. Trans women, especially pre-op trans women, are usually so uncomfortable with that part of themselves down there that they’re not going to go forcing themselves into women’s spas where they would show it and have it touched. That is not what trans women are about. It’s actually the opposite.”


As I wrote earlier today, Yaniv is essentially trying to force women to handle his junk during things like Brazillian waxing under the excuse that it would be transphobic if they didn’t serve him. He’s already managed to get a Brazillian immigrant’s business shut down over this, and is now filing a lawsuit against 15 aestheticians for this very thing.

If Canada does side with Yaniv, then he will have seen to it that state-sanctioned sexual assault is a thing in the west.

Looking at the evidence, though, I’m going to have to side with White. This is the behavior of a predator, not someone who is uncomfortable in their own body and is trying to spread acceptance through activism.


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